Why Don't People Like Me - 30 Reasons and Solutions

Have you ever gone through a situation, people are surrounded around you and talking to each other making new friends but you are the only one left out?

If you are thinking, "Why don’t people like me?" Here we have brought some reasons for dislike and techniques to follow on the path to “How to make people like you?”

If any of this sounds familiar, then don’t worry my friend, you’re not alone.

Why don’t people like me
Why don’t people like me/How to be likable?

In this article we are going to unveil the mystery: Why don't people like me, and unlock the key to likability. 

    Reasons why don't people like me

    There could be millions of reasons that people don't like you even though you are a nice person. 

    It's not necessary everybody must like you. But the most necessary and important thing is to be friends with those people who support and care for you. Everyday after you wake up do Morning Meditation and be fresh. Choose those friends who support and care for you. Try to keep in touch with them.

    Some expert strategies to flee from “why don't people like me?” Includes:

    1. You criticize

    Maybe you are well educated, more experienced. Maybe you have done a lot of struggle and climbed the ladder of success but that doesn't make you smarter or more insightful. 

    To make good relationships you should not criticize friends. 

    They may not be equal to you. Yeah, they might have different thoughts. Everyone is different. 

    Habit of criticism is very bad and extraordinarily self destructive. So, don't be enemy of your own - Bryant McGill

    Accept the differences instead of criticizing others. So, stop talking about other people negatively and stop spreading unsubstantiated truth.

    1. Talkative nature

    One of life's greatest pleasures is engaging in a deep conversation, but it is unquestionably a two-way street.

    The listener will become frustrated and resentful if one person dominates the discourse and denies others the opportunity to express their own ideas.

    If you force someone only to listen and don't give them a chance to express themselves, their feelings and emotions, you are making a great mistake. 

    It could be a reason that people don't like you. 

    A conversation is not taking place when you have to endure one person ranting about themselves, their emotions, their relationships, and their issues.

    Ask about themselves, what's going on in life, and listen to their response. Actually, the best conversationalist is a great listener.

    1. Gossip

    Sharing gossip is one of the main mistakes in life. For the short term you may enjoy it but ultimately it leads downward.

    Being the one to tell people about some delicious information you know about someone else may temporarily increase your popularity.

    That's because most of us simply can't help but want to hear about some drama playing out in the lives of our acquaintances, even if we try not to listen.

    Because spreading rumors will make people angry and you'll eventually face criticism for your terrible habit.

    You'll feel uneasy and embarrassed in one moment when you lose friends, family or anyone else. 

    1. Selfish

    People can tell you are selfish if you truly only care about yourself. 

    Your tendency to make everything in your relationships about yourself is a reflection of this.

    If you disrespect other people's feelings, emotions and time, and don't value it as highly as your own, people may think you are selfish. 

    Everybody feels that I am a nice person. But you don't know that you are selfish. You only think what's wrong with me, why don’t people like me?

    If you don't throw this kind of habit then you will gradually lose all of your current friends. 

    1. You fear

    You might fear what people might think of you so you always sit backward. You never try to expose yourself in front of others. 

    If you are always afraid and don't go closer to people, don't speak or expose anything, how would you make friends? 

    How will you be happy and live a happy life? How do people know that you are a good person? 

    So put your fear aside and be frank. Always try to expose yourself in front of the public without any fear. 

    1. Arrogance

    Arrogant people have an inflated sense of their own abilities and importance.

     They belittle others, admit their own superiority, and ignore other people's perspectives.

    Arrogant people tend to overwhelm others and belittle their achievements. 

    Reasons why people don’t like you
    Why people don’t like you/Reasons and Solutions

    Almost everyone experiences a brief moment of arrogance, but persistent arrogant behavior toward others is sure to be off-putting and reduce likability.

    Arrogance not only kills your popularity, it can also be seen as unfriendly, inefficient and unintelligent. 

    Arrogance can also seriously affect relationships with colleagues and employers, hindering productivity and career success.

    1. Not interested in others

    Whether you're a talkative narcissist or an aloof, withdrawn personality, the result is that you don't care about other people.

    While having conversation, you should have engaged in communication. You should have the ability to listen to their thoughts also.

    Showing disinterest or dismissiveness for what the other person is communicating is sure to reduce empathy or likability.

    If you never ask questions and are not interested in people, they will return you with indifference. 

    They will choose to stay away from you because you seem disinterested and withdrawn.

    1. Social anxiety

    Being withdrawn or showing disinterest in social situations can significantly reduce a person's affinity. 

    People with social anxiety fear social rejection, and when a person is anxious and withdrawn, rejection is more likely.

    For people with social anxiety, there lies the loop between their anxiety and their peers' perceptions.

    The more you show anxious behavior the more chances to increase the likelihood of social rejection.

    There lies the gap between society and you. There will be a lack of communication. 

    People who think only of their own social aptitude may appear unlikable if they are overwhelmingly negative.

    1. Showy nature

    As you already know, Nobody enjoys boasters.

    There is never a justification for forcing your claimed superiority on other common humans if your life is flawless and you are so dang brilliant, wealthy, or successful.

    Most of the people in the society find life a pretty hard slog, therefore it's not unexpected that they're not impressed with, or perhaps outright angry toward you. 

    If one is struggling for survival and another is posting a new car, new house or any materialistic things, then people may dislike you. 

    1. Blame other

    Obviously everyone makes mistakes. The best method to recover from a mistake is to accept responsibility for it, provide an apology, and try to learn from the terrible experience.

    However, someone who constantly refuses to accept responsibility for their mistakes and argue until they are pale in the face that someone else was at fault, is likely to lose friends very quickly.

    It's very easy to blame others. You can spend your entire life blaming everyone and everything, but ultimately your failure or success is all your own responsibility.-Paulo Coelho

    Everybody makes mistakes in their lives, so learn to apologize to others. 

    1. Negative minded

    Why do a lot of people not like me everytime? Simply the answer can be you are negative minded. 

    If being around you makes other people depressed, they'll search for an option to avoid  interacting with you. 

    One of the telltale symptoms that you're a negative person is that you complain or gossip a lot. 

    People have difficulties of their own, and occasionally, if they've had a bad day, your negativity can make them feel worse. 

    So, please friends pay attention to the feelings of others. 

    It is hard to talk to someone who complains non stop about everything as a result their own social aptitude may appear unlikeable to others. 

    Furthermore, persistently talking about someone behind their back gives the impression that you do the same to others.

    1. You often complain

    In our life, there are certain achievements that should be appreciated, but for many of us, the truth is that there are probably more setbacks than successes.

    They won't appreciate you expressing your own problems by adding any burden.

    In general, people prefer to speak with those people who remain positive in their face and heart.

    They don't want to be friends or hear anyone who is pessimistic, negative and complains a lot. 

    There must be a positive mental attitude to make friends.

    1. You make people nervous 

    There could be many reasons people feel nervous when they come around you. 

    If you make them feel uneasy when they are with you, how they will come and spend time with you.

    People may become anxious about your reactions because of such reasons:

    • Showing anger and intimidating nature may make people afraid.  

    • Being cold, stand-offish and distant in nature people don't want to be connected with you and wonder if you are not there.

    • Being intolerant, obsessing on the past, and refusing to let go of grudges can make others uncomfortable with making mistakes in your presence.

    1. You’re boring

    To grab the attention of people you yourself should be interesting. 

    Most of the people like them who are funny, attractive or problem solving people.

    Being bored can be different for different people. If you don't speak with other people, don't make any fun, don't have any hobbies and don't have any interest in doing anything, don't even ask how you are, it may be boring. 

    If you have such behavior then people may not like you.

    1. Stop pulling others down

    You have to stop belittling others down. You may not even realize you're doing it, but if you have a habit of criticizing or gossiping about others, please stop.

    Dr.Travis Bradberryin an article, points out that gossip about other people can definitely make you appear negative.

    It also means that people don't trust you to provide sensitive or personal information. 

    Don't think you are better than anyone or they are better than you. Nobody is perfect. Everybody is going through hardship on their own. 

    If someone is doing wrong he/she will definitely fall down one day. So it's not necessary to pull others' legs. Do good and think good always.

    Point to be noted:

    If you have a habit of talking too much or criticizing, dodge the blame, you bully or intimidate others, you have poor personal hygiene-it can be the reason people dislike you though you are a nice guy. 

    That's why they may not be interested in having conversations with you. 

    Habit of judgment anywhere or anyplace can be a reason people don’t like you. 

    It's not necessary to be liked by everyone all the time but if you try to be friendly with everyone, life will be easier. 

    What are the Signs that People Don't Like You?

    Why do I worry about people not liking me? You cannot make everybody happy so don’t worry, but you must be smart to know that if someone dislikes or is not interested in you. 

    Discovered surprising reasons why people might not like you includes: 

    • Someone who always shows busy when you want to meet them.
    • Always give negative comments on your opinion.
    • Does not show any interest when you are speaking.
    • Take you down in the conversation.
    • Try to create a distance from you.
    • They leave your message unread which you sent and never reply. 
    • Backbites you with others.

    How to Make People Like You 

    Are you wondering how to make people like you? Being likable is not an inborn quality rather it is a skill or an art you can practice. 

    Though it is difficult to be connected and be likable, you can try to make equal relationships with everybody to make your life happy.

    How to make people like you
    How to make people like you/Tips and Tricks
     In this guide, you will go through some habits that make you more likable instantly. 

    By cracking the social codes you will empower insights for building stronger connections. 

    Solutions to become more likable without changing your personality includes:

    1. Respect

    Respect is an eye opening insight to win hearts and forge meaningful connections. 

    It is one of the perfect solutions to make people like you. While emotions are running high sometimes we may lose respect for others. 

    Even if you are having hard times, Without any diginess, if you constantly show your courtesy, you will become more likable.

    Start the conversation with the goal of making other people feel liked and respected from Now, If your target is to be likable by everyone,— CLARISSA SILVA

    As a human being everybody wants respect. If you show respect then definitely they will also bow down their heads. 

    So while having conversation be polite, and make them feel that you have respect for the mission which they have. 

    1. Compliment other people

    Offering genuine compliments is another secret of being more likeable. 

    It is such an expression of  admiration, praise, regard or respect which makes people feel great to receive a compliment. 

    Many researches show that getting a sincere compliment gives us the same positive energy as receiving cash, so why not try from today. 

    If you want compliments from others you should make a habit to give compliments to others also. If you want to make your wife happy please compliment her, which will make your relationship tight.

    You can say, I am a fan of your style or personality,you are brave, you are beautiful from inside and outside too, your kindness is a balm to all who encounter you etc. 

    Show people that you like them by describing someone else as genuine and kind, you can really win their heart and instantly be likable. 

    1. Display positive emotions

    To make people feel happy when they're around you, always try your best to show positive emotions from the core. 

    To be happy or to enjoy ourselves we don't need big reasons. 

    Experiencing positive emotions like excitement, happiness, satisfaction, contentment, interest, amusement, joy, hope, and inspiration is vital for everybody who wants to live a happy and healthy life. 

    Practice gratitude, remember good deeds, forgive thinking that everyone makes mistakes, explore your belief about the meaning and purpose of life-you will definitely be likable by everyone. 

    1. Smile

    How to make people like you? Smiling is a powerful habit to charm anyone. People think smiling people are more attractive and competent than non-smiling people. 

    Smiling can have many health, social and psychological benefits. Smiling can reduce stress. 

    Smiling habits often can help the body and mind release stress and anxiety naturally.without using any word, smile can say a lot of things so it is very powerful in communication. 

    Smiling makes you more likable, persuasive, productive and also it makes you look more trustworthy, and competent.You can be more smiley by doing yoga and meditation too.

    Smiling is the easy way to become more likable. 

    A study by researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi found that, when people were shown different pictures of strangers with different facial expressions, they rated smiling people as more likable than non smiling ones, so if you want people to like you, make sure to smile at them. 

    First impression is the last impression so don’t hesitate to smile. 

    1. Be honest

    As you know, honest people are well-liked in our society. Because they are always fair and respectful to others. They listen to all, considerate, and try to lift themselves and all of us to a higher standard. 

    Likable people never play mental games, never pull others' legs or manipulate. 

    They speak what they have in their mind. They don't rely on prompts or other methods to get their message across. 

    Those people who are honest get trust and respect from others, deal with problems shamelessly, know who they are and where they are headed. 

    So if you want to be more likeable at work, at school or anywhere else, be honest. 

    The science behind why some people struggle to connect with you can be your honesty.

    1. Sense of humor

    Good sense of humor is one of the most important qualities for likability. 

    When we search what people find likable and attractive about another person, answer-a sense of humor is mostly  at the top of the checklist. 

    People having a sense of humor normally attract the public and stand out in a crowd. 

    But be aware that humor can be a double-edged sword sometimes. Being genuinely funny can be likable, but trying to be funny is not, so be careful in conversation. 

    While talking with friends or anybody else, use your sense of humor according to the context and situation, and make yourself more likable.

    A sense of humor is essential to effective leadership, interpersonal relations, and task completion - Dwight D. Eisenhower

    1. Be kind

    How to be likable? The desire to be well-liked and admired by our peers in society is pretty much human nature. 

    While doing conversation, always be an active listener, maintain eye contact, use body language, utilize names, show genuine smile and kindness, which are the common characteristics of likable people. 

    Kindness is the proven strategy to increase your likability factor.

    Showing kind gestures and being super polite is the key to success. 

    For example: like giving your seat to an old person, children, pregnant or handicapped at the subway. 

    Being friendly, generous and kind gives you a lot of joy, contentment and makes you feel more connected to others.

    1. Share stories about yourself

    You should only share stories according to the context and tone of a conversation. 

    You can touch them and tell happy stories if you’re having a positive conversation, and sad stories if the mood is more somber, so be careful while you are communicating. 

    If your story isn't related to the situation, No matter how good a story is, it will feel a bit off.

    Make eye contact and think about the flow of the conversation. 

    If the conversation moves on one topic and you start talking about another topic, that doesn't match and there arises a gap. 

    So, be empathetic and don’t try to change the subject and topic. If you share your stories according to the context people believe and like you

    1. Don’t judge

    According to Michael J Fox, “the less we judge others, the better we are.” We don’t realize it but we often judge others. 

    People strive to point out someone else but hardly realize their own mistake. Nobody is perfect and nobody has a perfect life so dont assert your dominance. 

    If you want to make best friends or be liked by everyone, rightnow stop this habit. Don't judge anybody without knowing their story of life. 

    Maybe you think you know everything about them but you don't. 

    There can be different stories of different people. There can be the reason why they are like that. 

    You must think about this before you judge anybody. Judgmental habits reduce your family and friends so be careful and keep your promise to remove that habit from today.

    1. Be open minded

    Open minded people are prepared to converse with and listen to a wide variety of people because likable people are perceived as being approachable and pleasant in our community. 

    Of course, there will be people with whom you disagree, but the point is to listen to what others have to say in order to better understand them and give them a sense of being heard.

    Allow others to express their opinions before responding with your own, always being considerate and respectful while you do so. 

    By doing this, you will encourage more in-depth conversation and debate. 

    Always try to make them feel good with your company.

    1. Be a good listener

    One of the most important parts of communication is actively listening to what the other person is saying because communicating is a two-way street. 

    A good listener always listens with intent, pays full attention to what the other is saying, asks questions and gives answers too.  

    Also, you can flatter them but your flattery should be appropriate and purposeful, spend time with people who improve your image.

    Cultivating a general curiosity for people shows that you are curious and care about what they are going to say. 

    Being a better listener will really set you apart from the crowd and build meaningful relationships.

    1. Make them feel good

    Making other people feel wonderful is truly the most important thing. Though each of us is slightly unique, we all have some things in common. 

    We all desire acceptance, happiness, and a sense of value and worth. And we appreciate those who give those things to us.

    You can praise them or give compliments by maintaining eye contact to make them feel good. 

    Pretend them you love and think about them because most people want positive “affective presence” and it’s an easy way to be around and oil the gears of social interactions. 

    You can give inspirational books, send get-well texts to your friends or donate blood when necessary to someone.

    You can also ask about themselves, or get excited about what others are excited about. 

    Different people almost have different traits or qualities to be likeable so you can brighten someone's day just by being joyful and in a good mood by showing genuine interest in others.

    1. Give information

    Be humble and give genuine information and advice to your friends, family, or colleagues which can give them the boost to solve a problem or get out of a rut. 

    Maybe somebody has a tough time at work and needs career advice, maybe somebody loses a job and you know where the employer is searching for a new worker, you can help them by giving information.

    How to be likable?
    How to be likable?

    Information is very essential to everyone because it helps anyone to find new ideas to solve problems. 

    So embarrass yourself to give clear and genuine information kindly and become a super-likable person.

    1. Offer help

    Helping others is an important part of life because it  boosts your happiness  and sense of satisfaction. 

    By helping others or showing little acts of kindness, can go a long way in improving your likability. 

    Tilt your head toward other people and flash your eyebrows, you will see how other people have done something to be remembered. 

    Simple way to change your reputation today is to help. 

    Easy ways to be more likable can be-donate your old clothes and shoes, donate blood, help old-pregnant and disabled people, donate books to the library which you have already read, and win the hearts of your surroundings. 

    Small help of your can save the life of someone but ignorance of us forces to die - Shriansh Shrivastava

    1. Put your phone away. 

    If you are searching how to make people like you at work, then putting away your phone while doing conversation is another technique for being more likable. 

    Though mobile phones have positive impacts, they have negative impacts too. While talking with people just put it in your pocket or bag. 

    If you are talking to people and looking at your phone too, you will be distracted and cannot have good communication. There lies the gap between you and your friends. 

    So while doing conversion, put away your phone, maintain eye contact, dress well to impress, be curious in conversation, ask questions and give answers. 

    Points to be noticed 

    • Be kind to your friends because nobody likes a person who is a jerk.
    • Spend plenty of time with your friends while making new ones.
    • Always be honest because if you lie once, they won’t believe you next time. 
    • To be in the mind of your friends try to be naturally funny. 
    • Don’t backbite to anyone because you will end the relationship being considered a backstabber and people will avoid you like the plague. 

    To sum up

    Being likable is not about being perfect rather it’s about being true to yourself and treating others with kindness, respect, empathy, genuine and humble.

    Likability is a natural process that comes when you are genuine and authentic and show compassion toward others. 

    You can check a likable person test to know how likely you are.

    Qualities of extremely likable people are-to listen much more and speak less, provide your full attention while communicating, give a smile when necessary, Don't say any disparaging things, Keep in touch, express your feelings in a gentle way.

    Don't blame anybody, appreciate things and people out loud-are the factors that can contribute to making someone likable. 

    We hope in this article, you explore the psychology of disability and uncover the hidden secrets of building lasting relationships. 

    So embrace these techniques for boosting your social appeal.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1)What to do if people don’t like me?

    Firstly, change the way of thinking. Distract yourself and practice self love. Well dress up and take care of yourself. 

    Challenge your thoughts and also change your story. Learn some skills, which may help you. Always be kind, genuine, helpful and respect others.

    2)Why does everyone leave me?

    There could be many reasons why everyone leaves me? People may ignore you because you may be boring, they may be afraid of you. 

    They may feel like you are undeserving to be friends, you are toxic etc.

    3)Why do I keep losing friends?

    Identify yourself who you are? What is your target? Don't feel shy and don't show you are too busy to your friends. If you are not open you may lose the relationship. 

    Another main key is to train yourself to distinguish what kind of friends you are having. 

    Friends with positive vibes feed you with positive energy and friends with negative vibes are definitely not worth having. 

    4)Why have I lost interest in Socialising?

    There could be many reasons you lost interest in socializing. Social anhedonia cannot be explained by social anxiety or rejection, rather, people who are socially anhedonia do prefer to be alone and have fewer social skills, socialization, interests, and enjoyment. 

    They also tended to display more negative emotions and less positive emotions, social support and coping skills.

    It's normal to feel a little nervous when you hit the road. However, if your shyness is weighing you down or preventing you from socializing, it may be time to talk to someone about possible underlying mental health issues, such as agoraphobia, social anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder.

    5)How can I become everyone's favorite?

    You can give a smile to everyone even though you don't know them. Always keep smiling and be friendly. 

    Listen to your friend with concentration, be flexible and active in conversation, give compliments to your friends and your body language also matters a lot. 

    6)How do I know if people like me?

    There can be many signals that people like you. They want to talk to you constantly, being curious.

    They blush at the tiniest things you say or do to them. You can notice them staring at you and then smiling, making faces or touches while talking.

    They exhibit positive body language. Whether you're video chatting or dating in person. 

    A person's body language is a great way to tell if they like you.

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