Why do I feel no connection to my parents?

Youth in the modern time do not have good connection with their family. The question

“why do I feel no connection with my parents?” 10 reasons.

have been so common these days.

The more family members get connected with each other the more happiness occurs in that family.

May be your family are busy with their own personal or professional life. They don’t have any time to share anything with you.

Why do I feel no connection to my parents
Why do I feel no connection to my parents? Photo: google image.

“Parents aren’t the people you come from. They’re the people you want to be, when you grow up.” ― Jodi Picoult.

Besides, If you are addicted to something like drug, you may not be connected with them though your parents are good. So why not to have concern about “ How To Make My Parents Happy?”

Also, there may be the situation that your father or mother is single. They can have own problem which they cannot share with you. So, spend time with them, communicate and share about you and listen them too. Following are the reasons you don’t feel connection with your parents:


1)      Negligence of family

Negligence may be the big reason you don’t feel any connection with your parents. They may be busy on their own work and may be engaged more in their professional or individual life and do not have sufficient time for you.


You feel ignored by your family most of the time and you feel unloved and neglected. If you feel more biased you may feel alone and think, why don't people like me. This is not your mistake, rather it may be the compulsion and negligence of your parents.


You should have to be open about your feelings with your parents. “How can you avoid this?” 

Here are some ways.

  •  Express with your parents that you want to spend time with them. Separate time and have a deep talk to family.
  •  Tell your parents that they are not giving proper time and love and you want different treatment than that. In this way, they can observe their parenting and how it is being mistaken to behave with you.
  • Try to spend time with them even with your efforts so that they will not lose the way.
  • Help them in households and any work in the home so that they will be happy and more connected to you.


2)      Poverty

In most of the situations, poverty cause many family problems.

Because of the lack of money, peoples mind is already affected badly, and they are no longer in good connection with anyone.

The main focus or problem always lies in money, so they start to lose social value, family relationship and responsibility.

So, try to stay positive and try to see if you can change the situation or if you can find a better and well-paying job. If your parents are not working, try to see the job for them or find out the source of earning too.


Note: Never use poverty as a weapon rather understand your parents and behave very well with them.  Parents always expect their kids to grow well. And they may have some boundary too.

So, the best way to solve the issue is to try to avoid poverty

What can you do?

  • You can work hard and be independent.
  • Never tell your parents that they did not earn good money.
  • Appreciate them for what they are doing to you. In this way, you will be able to avoid poverty and will feel comfortable.


3)      Lack of communication.

This is the most common reason that you don’t feel connection with your parents.

Can you think how long you communicate with your father or mother. Try your best to separate more time talking to them and sharing to them.

  • Start your everyday talking to your parents in the morning when you get up.
  • Try your best to share things with your parents. And listen to them when they are sharing you. Communication is such powerful tool to attract you with any relationship.
  • Greetings to your parents would help you to connect more with them easily.


4)      Abuse
Why do I feel no connection to my parents
Why do I feel no connection to my parents? Photo: google image

Most of you hate your family because of the family abuse.

Some children have to face abuse from parents and other family member which is very difficult situation.

This is the cause which hamper emotional connection with family member.

How can you stop this?

  • Try to find out the reason of abuse and work on it
  • Don’t give up being emotionally disconnected because you are the one who can work with family problem, the person outside the family cannot do anything on your family.
  • Have patience and work deal with parents to solve conflict. They are your parents, and you should have the ability to forgive you.


5)      Discrimination

Most of the parents do not want to create discrimination between their kids. But also, all the parents may not have that "emotional intelligence" to have equal behavior in front of kids. So, you may feel "Why don't my parents understand me?" But question is common to all of us. 

Children compare how they are behaving among all their kids.

So I suggest you not to be so judgmental. Being parents also is not easy thing. It is said that we can understand parents well when we are parents.


Note: Don’t feel neglected by your parents if you find they love your siblings more than you. There comes situation when parents love more than to your siblings. Parents have to love more to the child who needs love by that time. 


6)      Over ambition

Sometimes over expectation and over ambition of any family member may cause "distraction" in the family bond.

Either your parents or you should not have over ambition. If parents have more expectations from you, you will be "detached" gradually.

Also, if you have over ambition, you may not be able to fulfil it and that causes intense hardship in all the family.

So, try to cope with your family with any issues that may come to you.

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7)      Comparison

Generally, everybody compares the life with other. This comparison is the main reason to bring disconnection with family.

Once there is unhappy situation in family, it is difficult to reconnect emotionally.

So, you should be aware not to create difficult situation with your family or parents.

How can comparison cause family detachment?

  • If your parents compare your progress and success with other children of your age, and blame you for not have more success, that brings hatred towards family and you start to hate your parents.
  • If you compare your parents with the friend of your parents and tell them that your friends parents are good to fulfil all the dream about their kids, your parents feel hurt.

So, both you and your parents should not compare with any other people.

Life is unique to everyone and comparison always bring disappointments.

When there is dispute in the family, it is very difficult to bring the happiness back.

Therefore, you should try to maintain good bond with your parents. If they are not easy, you should keep on trying to convince with love. Maybe you know “How To Impress Girl/Boy”? In the same way try to impress your parents.


8)      Traumatic history of family
Why do I feel no connection to my parents
Why do I feel no connection to my parents? Photo: Google image

If there is a tragic history of your family, every family member has some trauma inside their heart and they cannot be open up.

I advise you to be very smart to run the family in a good way.  Past is gone whether it is good or bad. So, every family member should be open to accept anything that comes in the family.

With our intention and efforts, we can get emotionally reconnect again to have a happy life.

So, forgetting any traumatic situation, you should be able to move ahead with happiness and you should teach your parents to do that.


9)      Influence of third party

By telling this, I mean to tell that you may be influenced or misguided by your "friend circle" at times.

Even between the relationship between you and your parents, there may come some situation that makes you feel disconnected to your family.

Some people are just manipulative, and they want to manipulate relationship by misguiding people. Those can be even your friends or family.


Tips: Don’t listen such people to make any judgement about your family and you. Building a strong relationship in the family like a friendship, you can always be happy and keep your parents happy.


10)    Different expectations

Everybody can have different expectation even in the family. There is a saying that "expectation reduces joys". It is true in the deeper level.

When you expect something and unable to get it, you will be upset for sure. But if you don’t expect anything, you will be happy with even a small gift, or progress or success.

Unfulfilled expectation of someone in the family can bring some discomfort in family.



I hope you understood why you felt no connection with your parents. Your parents may not addressing your happiness and desire on the one hand. And you might not have attempted to build strong relationship with your parents on the other hand. Try to know the cause of this detachment and work on it.

 For married one, it is more difficult to maintain good bond with your parents. It is because, you may be wondering “How to make my wife happy” and trying to fulfil your responsibility as a husband. But you also have great job to have strong bonding to your parents.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.     Why do I feel so distant from everyone?

In most cases, mental health conditions like anxiety, depression and mood disorders can cause social withdrawal and isolation. Try to make friends and have a healthy conversation.


2.     How can I feel my emotions again?

Try to be happy. Always be calm. Move your body because Emotional numbness may experience like being “frozen” for some of the people.

Try to talk with your friends and family. Sometimes, when we feel like we have no body to talk with, we shove our uncomfortable emotions down because we feel safer that way.

3.     Why do I feel like I don't care about anything?

Are you sure you feel like this. Apathy is when you lack motivation to do things, or you don't care much about what's going on surrounding. Indifference can be a symptom of mental health problems also.


4.     How can I be happy again?

All the people in the world wants to be happy. To be happy, Manage your stress levels. If you have a lot of stress, find ways to reduce it. please, boost your self-esteem and try to have a healthy lifestyle.

5.     Is my family emotionally unavailable?

Some families are really emotionally unavailable. Those parents respond to children's emotions with impatience or indifference. They avoid discussion of negative emotions.



Wish you all the best.


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