How To Make Parents Happy: 21 Useful Tips

In the modern world, people are so busy in work, and they cannot give full care to their family. “How to make my parents happy” has been a common question that everybody wants to know.

     How To Make Your Parents Happy: 21 Useful Tips

    Key points: Gratitude, Respect, Appreciation, Dedication, Discipline

    Parents in most of the families feel neglected and dishonored by their kids. When your father and mother are happy, everything in the home will turn beautiful. Instead of making parents happy, people start to say Why do I feel no connection with my parents? If you are always seeking the solution for, what is the best thing I can do for my parents? Here we have most effective and beautiful tips and tricks to keep them happy and proud of you.

    1)     Hold responsibility

    How To Make Parents Happy
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    All parents expect their children to be responsible. They want to handover their responsibilities to their kids and want to see them handling their duties well in house and outside. Here are some tips how to hold responsibilities.

    •       Manage household very well.

    •       Be smart to record income and expenses to run the family.

    •       Be attentive and bold in your career.

    •       Manage time for family along with your work.

    •       Respect the relatives and have good social prestige.


    2)     Be obedient and respectful

    Parents want their children to be disciplined and obedient to them. Who would not want their kids to listen to them and understand them? Parents spend their whole life struggling for the happiness of their sons and daughters and they are hurt if their children do not respect them well.  Here are the ways that you show your respect to your parents.

     •       Share and care them.

    •       Consult with them about your plan.

    •       Obey if they ask for something.

    •       Always show respect on them and behave them superior.

    •       Listen to them and follow the good advice.


    3)     Dedicate to your parents

    To make your father and mother happy, you should have good dedication to them. Here are some points how to show devotion to them.

     •       Bring them in front.

    •       Receive their blessings for every work that you are going to do.

    •       Love them unconditionally.

    •       Understand them and try to fulfil their dream.

    •       Be grateful for being their love.


    4)     Achieve your goal

    Every parents are eager to see the  best achievements of their children. Think that you are in this position because of them. They grow up you with care. So please don’t ignore them. They always want to see goodness on your life. Try to strengthen your relationship with them. Also, try to achieve your goal. Your achievement covers:

     •       Your success in education.

    •       Your ability and smartness in the workplace.

    •       Your social value and prestige.

    •       Your progress In extra activities.

    •       Success in business.


    5)     Appreciate them

    Your parents will be definitely happy with you if you appreciate them. If you express your happiness with their work, they will be delighted and will be full of love and smile. Whenever they do something good, don’t hesitate to share it with them. The more you share with them, the more they will be happy with you. Here are some ways how you can express your appreciation towards your parents.

     •       Tell them the way they behave you.

    •       Appreciate their work.

    •       Praise their role in the family.

    •       Share what you like about them.

    •       Share how well they handle the difficult situation in life

    •       Tell your parents that they did struggle in their life for the sake of happiness of you

    •       Tell them that you are in this state or position because of all the efforts and blessings of parents. 


    6)     Show gratitude

    There is no question that parents do a lot for their kids. Sometimes, you may feel that Why don’t my parents understand me? That is true also, because of generation gap, their feelings and interest are different with yours. However, they are never against of your wellbeing. If they stop you from doing something, that is because they don’t feel that is good for you. 

    You are their blood, their emotions, their soul and everything belonging to them. So, you need to show your gratitude towards them. The more you show gratitude, they will listen to you more and there will be harmonious relationship between you and them. Do you want to get some tips how to show gratitude to your parents? You can find some here.

    •       You can tell them how much happy to have them as your parents

    •       Tell your parents that you are the luckiest kid to find such parents

    •       Be grateful how they grew you up when you are child

    •       Tell them they are so patience to tolerate all your stubbornness in childhood.

    •       Express how successful parents they are

    •       Tell that you are proud to recognize them as your parents in front of other people.

    •       Be grateful of everything that your parents do for your goodness.


    7)     Celebrate their special events.


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    One of the best ways to make your parents happy is to remember their special events. When their birthday and marriage anniversary come, give them good surprise. Celebrate those occasions with them in a respectful way. Give genuine and suitable gifts that is useful for them. Write poem, and beautiful quotes and give them wishing card to show how much they are valued. To strengthen your connection, hug them and kiss them often. If you don’t have ideas, where do you find gifts for your parents, you can buy special gift for your parents on this link.

    Also, here are some tips how you can make their special events beautiful:

    •       Organize surprise party on marriage anniversary. You can take them outside sometimes to celebrate it somewhere so that they will not know your plan and that will be a beautiful surprise.

    •       Write some quotes, poem or story to show how much you love and respect them and how much  happy you are to have them as your parents.

    •       Buy some special gifts that can keep on recalling them how much you love them.

    •       Never argue or never be sad on their special days. They will be more emotional on that day.

    •       Try to recall their past beautiful memories such as to take out their marriage photo, photo of their dating, photos of them having you a small child. Those memories will make them overjoyed with happiness. 


    8)     Apologize

    Your parents are your god. There will be no one to replace your parents. Always keep them in the top position in your mind. When you create mistake, say sorry bowing down your head. You will not be small asking for apology with your parents. And they will forgive you with their open heart and love when you beg for forgiveness.


    9)     Spend time with them, listen to them

    With the busy schedule in the modern age, you don’t have sufficient time to spend with your parents. It has been the biggest problem of every family now. It does not matter whether you are staying with them or not, they will be happy to keep in touch with you every day. 

    If you are living with your father and mother, always separate some time for them and have good communication.  Listen what they want and what they tell.

    Here are some tips how you can make them happy by spending time to them.

    •       Make your parents feel that you want to communicate with them daily

    •       If you are living in the same house with your parents, you sit in front of them and talk them even for short time if you are really busy.

    •       If you are far from your parents, call them or text them often. If you are unable to communicate with them for some days, inform them early and tell how you are going to be busy. They will understand you very well and they will be happy even if  you don’t call them in that time.

    •       Engage yourself with their work supporting them.

    •       Have patience to listen them if they want to share you something.


    10)   Ask past stories and struggle

    You may be wondering why I am unable to make my parents happy. Let’s try some options to make your father and mother happy.  Your parents of course will have so many stories of struggle in the past. Everybody does have it and pass through it. 

    If you ask about the past, they will be really happy with you. They will love to share how they passed the difficult situation with their courage and smartness. Also, ask of any incidents about their success. Be a good listener in front of them to make sure that you are enjoying and being the part of their life.

    Note: Never do judgement when they are sharing. Past is gone already and only the beautiful thing should be left from the past. 

    11)   Ask about your childhood

    How to make parents happyHow to make your parents happy?

    You parents will be so excited and pleased to share about your childhood. They remember almost all the incidents about your childhood. When you ask about it, you can see smile on their face to share it. And share gratitude to them as you are the outcome of their efforts and love in their whole life.


    12)   Show affection and care

    They are the one whom you should have big respect and faith. Can you imagine how happily they take care of you since your birth? You cannot pay that all with anything. But you can make them happy by taking care of them in their old age in the same way they raised you when you were child. Always show affection and love and understand their emotions.

    Here are some ways how you can show affection to them.

    •       Ask often how they are physically and emotionally.

    •       If they are not feeling well, spend more time with them and keep on                 asking what they want.

    •       Buy things for them which they like.

    •       Don’t show stress on your face in front of them.


    13)   Help them in daily life

    If they are aging, you can make them happy by helping them in their chores. Please friends I am telling you from my heart, give some rest  to them and do their work. Behave them as they treated you when you were a child. Don’t raise your voice and don’t be harsh. Be the helping stick for the creator of your life.

    14)   Don’t argue with them

    They are the most respectful people in your life. They feel really dishonored and disrespected when you argue with them. It is reasonable for you to have some misunderstanding with them. Handing such situation with your smartness, you can create peaceful environment with them. 

    Try to be silent when there is misunderstanding and later you can politely deal with them. With your lovely way, you can melt their heart. Don’t question them with harsh sound and words. Such words will keep in their heart deeply. Your politeness is the real pill of their happiness.

    15)   Try to fulfil their dream

    In most of the cases, you may feel difficult to fulfil their dream. Because of the generation gap between you and your parents, you may have different choice and dream. They want the things of their time and you always be seeking new thing and change. They are not ready to accept some new change and you don’t want to follow some traditions. That can be the source of conflict. How can you solve those issues?

    •       If you like anything about their wish or dream, you appreciate it and do it so that you can win their heart already and they will trust you.

           If there are something that they want or you don’t like anymore, meditate on it how right or wrong is the thing first. If you can work out on it, that is fine, if it is not good to go with it, then convince them how this is not going to work very well in the life. provide some evidence to them to prove why you cannot follow it. They will understand you.


    16)   Don’t complain

    Generally, children keep on complaining their parents for not understanding them. The same situation can be felt by your parents too. The situation is normal but you can avoid it with your behavior towards them. When they grow old, they have so much experiences and they are more emotional too.

    They will be hurt with your negative compliment.  Never feel them burden rather respect them as a most precious gift of your life. you should not make them disappointed with any of your behavior's. You should not complain your parents rather you can convince with politeness and respectful words.


    17)   Take care of their health

    It is your opportunity to repay the love and care that you get from your parents. Can you imagine how much stubborn we were and how much they have to be patient to take care of us

    Your parents, especially your mom has done a lot for you. They are your creator and protector. You should have to understand it very well and should try to care them in the same way they did to you when you were a child. Take special care about their physical and emotional health. Be the helping stick to them which makes them proud of you.


    18)   Reduce the use of gadget

    This is a common problem of everybody now a days. People are not communicating with family member even if they are living together. When they return from work or school, they hold mobile, laptops and tv remote on hand and engage themselves individually. This is ruining the family happiness. Be very careful to reduce the use of your gadget when you are with your family. Try to share more love and happiness. How can you do it?


    •       Never use gadget when you are eating

    •       Focus on communication and listen to your parents when you are with them

    •       If you want to see gadget, watch something together that can give you fun or entertainment and all of your emotions will be together.

    •       Try to utilize leisure time going outside with family.

    •       If you have to work a lot online, separate some gadget free time. 


    19)   Travel with your parents

    How to make parents happy?

    How to make my parents happy?

    This can be different with your age. 

    How can you travel with your parents according to your age? 

    Here are some tips.

    •       If you are still in school, visit with your parents in the weekends. It does not need to be every weekend, but you can travel often with them. They will take you to travel and they will be happy to do that.

    •       If you are married or have partner, you will need time for your spouse. So be smart to manage time to travel with your partner, parents, and friends differently. You will be happy to make everyone happy.

    •       If your parents are old, keep on going for short travel, or even short walk along with them that will be beautiful. 


    20)   Consult with your parents

    In the past decades, children mostly used to consult with their parents to make decisions. But now, everybody wants to make personal decision. You sometimes forgot your responsibility and just move with your emotions.

    Never forget your route. Your parents are the creator and respecting them would be always fruitful for you. Share things with them and ask for blessings. They will send you so much good vibes and love to fulfil your dream.


     21)   Make them proud of you

    Every parents want to be proud of their children’s success. Always try to make them proud with your achievements, good works, prestige and fame. They want to be recognized with your name. They are only parents who are not jealous about you rather always connect with your happiness. If you make some good recognition, your parents will be the happiest.

     Here are some questions, you may have in your mind.

    How can I make my parents happy after fight?

    •       One of the most useful way is to apologize with them

    •       Accept your fault and say sorry bowing down your head when they are             mad at you.

    •       Hide your ego and be polite to them

    •       Don’t try to argue  to prove yourself right

    •       Show them that you are feeling guilty

    •       Keep on comminating well


    How to make my parents happy after my marriage?

     You should be able to separate time very well for your spouse and parents. Some people only think, How to make my wife happy and ignore parents. Of course, you need more time for your wife but you should not forget your parents. When there is argument with some reason, you should not take the side of anyone rather should try to solve the issue. 

    Your parents may feel a bit jealous unknowingly when you have less time for them. You should make them feel that you still take care of them and love them in the same way you used to love before your marriage.

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