Cristiano Ronaldo jr.

The international football player, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on February 5, 1985, in the very beautiful island Madeira in Portugal. He was born to Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and José Diniz Aveiro. He has three other siblings. His elder brother is Hugo and two elder sisters are Elma and Liliana Cátia. His name was kept by his father being inspired by the former US-president.

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The beautiful island of Madeira was also the place where Cristiano first learned to master his skills as a footballer and letter kept his name in the history being a strong Portuguese football (soccer) forward who was one of the greatest players of his generation. Now he is in the heart of all the all the football lovers in the world.

In his birthplace Madeira, he spent his early years playing for his local team and then he soon started to play for Nacional. It was found proved that by the time he turned 12 years old, he already made his name for himself as one of Madeira's top footballers. So, he showed his capabilities from the very early age.

Cristiano Ronaldo jr. started to grab the attention of other big Portuguese clubs from his early age. He was then spotted by former Liverpool manager, Gerard Houllier at the age of sixteen. However, Liverpool had no intentions to sign him at that time because they thought he was too young, and he needed more time to develop his skills in football. But, in 2003, when Sporting played against Manchester United and defeated them, Cristiano caught the attention of Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson and started to develop his beautiful recognition as a football player.


Cristiano Ronaldo became Manchester United's first-ever Portuguese player. He requested for the number 28 as his jersey number initially because he didn't feel that he could live up to the pressure of previous players such as George Best and David Beckham who wore the number 7 jersey however, he proved to be best among all and put his fame as the best football player in Portugal. Now he spreads his fame throughout the world.


Cristiano is considered social and family-oriented person.  When he is not on the field, he loves to spend time with his family and friends. When he was about to choose football as his career, it was very difficult for him as that would mean lesser time with his family, he mentioned in one of the interviews.  He is so much influenced by his mother, whom he says play a major role in his life with her support to him to keep this all recognition.


Cristiano enjoys cooking in free time which is very rare thing for other established players. Once, he mentioned in an interview that he usually cooks before he leaves for his soccer practice. He hardly separates times for watching TV and he loves to watch Portuguese channels. 

Ronaldo has five kids named: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro, Mateo Ronaldo, Eva Maria Dos Santos and Bella Esmeralda dos Santos Aveiro

 Cristiano is very connected with his native country, and he wants to glorify his nation. He respects mother land a lot and devoted his life to keep the history of Portugal in the football world.


Ronaldo’s football Career in Manchester United

 When Ronaldo was just 16 years old in 2001, Manchester United paid more than £12 million to sign him and that was a record fee for a player of his age at that time. He had turned heads with a mesmerizing performance with Portugal against Manchester, wowing even his opponents with his footwork and deft skill and was able to keep very good impression. 

Cristiano did not disappoint the soccer world rather he showed his promise early in the 2004 FA Cup final, scoring the team's first three goals and helping them capture the championship. Ronaldo Ronaldo jr. signed a five-year, £31 million contract in 2007.

In 2008, Ronaldo again justified his high salary when he put together one of the club's finest seasons in history and set a franchise record for scoring 42 goals and making himself the FIFA World Player of the Year.  After all, Ronaldo helped navigate Manchester United to three premier league titles. This incident put his name higher in the football history.

Ronaldo in Real Madrid

The Spanish football club Real Madrid agreed to pay Manchester United a record $131 million for the chance to sign Cristiano. He won his fourth Ballon d'Or award as the sport's player of the year, beating out FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi in December 2016. This victory included the European Championship, Champions League and Club World Cup, along with the individual awards from UEFA and France Football magazine. Next year, he received a fifth Ballon d'Or to tie the mark held by his long-time rival, Messi. Still Cristiano and Messi are considered rival in the eyes of many football fans, and they keep on betting big fond at the time of match.

His connection with Juventus

 In the football journey, after dropping hints of his time with Real was coming to an end, Ronaldo confirmed the rumours in July 2018 by signing with Italian Serie A club Juventus. That club paid a $140 million transfer fee to his old Spanish club.

In many ways, Ronaldo’s debut season with Juventus was successful. He scored 10 goals in his first 14 games and headed home the lone goal in a win over AC Milan for the Supercoppa Italiana trophy. In May 2019, after leading his club to its eighth consecutive Serie A title, he was named the league's MVP. 

In August 2021, it was announced that Ronaldo ronaldo jr. would return to Manchester United again.

In 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar, Cristiano and his team had a dream of winning but the ending turned out with a sad note as they are defeated by Morocco in quarterfinals. Cristiano was supposed to create a big history in his football career in 2022 and it was a big hope of all his fans and followers, but it was not fulfilled. Whole Portugal was in sorrow with that defeat and his fan all around the world were very upset with it. However, Cristiano has his own history that is never going to be omitted in the history of football all around the world.

At the current time, Cristiano has joined Saudi Arabian Club Al Nassr for two and half year’s contract.

Cristiano Ronaldo is called with different nick names by his supporters. He is recognized with Cris, Ron, Ronnie, The Sultan Of The Stepover, CR7 etc.

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