Kusum Sharma - Bio, Age, Relation, Income, Music video (2023)

In this article, I walk you through Kusum Sharma’s biography, her age, relationship, income and her music videos.

Kushum is a “popular Model” in Nepal for 2023.  She debut in the song “Sakambari” from where she become very popular in Nepal.

Sakambari has been watched 25 million times in 25 days. She was born on October 8, 2002, in the district Nawalpur, Nepal.

Kusum sharma wiki, Biography 2023
Kusum sharma wiki, Biography 2023. Photo: google Image

Kushum is one of the Nepals beautiful models with short hair, who started to play in music videos at the age of 20 and become very popular. 

In 2 months she has played more than four songs. She has already been assigned in a movie named Sanjivani. Besides, she is a nurse by profession.

Basic Facts

Real Name Kusum Sharma
Nick Name Phoolmaya, Sakambari
Date of Birth October 8, 2002
Birth Place Nawalpur, Nepal
Nationality Nepali
Height 5.4"
Religiion Hindu
Relationship Status Single
Study Nursing
Father's Name Sundar Pangeni
Mother's Name Radhika sharma
Brother & Sister One Brother & Sister
Start Modelling 2023
Profession Modelling & Nurse
Hubby Acting & Travelling
Debut Song Sakambari
Monthly Income N/A


Kusum sharma was born in Nawalparasi, which is now Nawalpur district of Nepal.

She started her education at the nearby school of her house. She belongs to a middle class  family. 

She wants to be a model from her school level. She used to participate in every cultural program in school.

She was forward in every sector since childhood.



Kushum Sharma had completed her Secondary level education from Blue Star English Secondary School, Nawalpur, Nepal.

After that, she studied nursing from Kalika Medical & Technical institute in Gaidakot, Nawalpur.

Kusum sharma wiki, age, income, biography 2023
Kusum sharma wiki, age, income, biography 2023. Photo : google image

Kusum was preparing to go abroad for further studies after completing her education. She was doing IELTS in Kathmandu.

She got a chance to do modeling. Fortunately, the song sakambari went in trending number 1. So, she stopped her plan to go abroad recently.

She is so much happy now with her modeling career and she wants to continue it. She chooses to stay in Nepal now instead of going abroad.



Kusum Sharma in the age of 20 started to do modeling. Her first song is “Sakambari” which was composed and sang by Prakash saput.

Kusum Sharma in the age of 20 started to do modeling. Her first song is “Sakambari” which was composed and sang by Prakash saput.

Because of success, people are congratulating her for her bright future. She has been one of the models who doesn't have time to give interviews to the media. 

She is everywhere either in tiktok or youtube. People are engaged to make tik tok on her songs.

Her famous music videos are Jani Mayale, Itta Bhattiko, Beni Bajarima, Dhokebaaj 3 etc. She is also working in a movie named “Sanjivani” in the leading role(heroine) with the famous actor Aryan Sigdel. 

She has visited Dubai with prakash saput and Sunil Bc to promote the song Sakambari. 

Once she got pranked by Sunil Bc and Surakshya Bhattarai in a show.

After the song became a super hit, she became very famous in the modeling field of Nepal. She was in the character of “Phoolmaya”.

In the story of this song, she smokes and spends nights with different sugar daddies, which is very pinching. That was the compulsion of Phulmaya for her better career.

The music video really touches the hearts of many people. Now, kusum has started receiving dozens of offers in music videos.



She is very frank and shy in nature. She speaks what she thinks.

She doesn’t hide anything with anybody, so she also loves open minded people. She enjoys her own world.

In an interview she says that she will not do  bed scenes and kissing scenes. She has an ambition to work with Paul Shah in a movie.

She always focuses on her priorities until she gets success on that. Because of her habit she always achieves success, either in studies or any other sectors.

Positivism is another key point for her success. She sees everything in a positive way so she receives success everywhere.



The full video of Sakambari runs with the story of character “Phoolmaya” which is played by Kusum.

She has been so successful playing this role from Phoolmaya to Sakambari.

Though she is new in the modeling career, her acting is like an experienced and perfect actress.

She is suitable for Phulmaya, who is a village girl and Sakambari, a modern, faveolus and fashionable lady of the city.

Her acting is so touching and lively. Along with the huge success and appreciation, Kusum even got some criticism from some critics. It is not the criticism just for Kusum, but Prakash Saput, the lyricist, singer, and composer of this song got lots of criticism beside appreciation.

Some feminists greatly criticized the content and video of Sakambari and claimed that this music video has presented females as characterless, money minded who are ready to pay anything for money.

But others have claimed that this song has really presented the situation of how society, especially male members of society, perceive females.

The society questions how females earn  money, how she is successful and how she has a high social and economic status. If a female is very rich and successful, she is questioned for the source of money.

In the scene she has a cigarette in her hand and enjoys it with a different sugar daddy. The story of sakambari really touch everybody's heart.



Kusum is one of the perfect characters for phoolmaya.

She likes organic and social content and gets the song as she wishes. She achieves success and is very popular these days. She wants to work in cinema. And now, she is getting so many offers from tele cereals and modeling.

She is impressed by the nepali actresses Priyanka karki and pooja sharma.

Her smile has stolen the heart of many people and she is going to have further success in the acting career.

Prakash saput was creating a song named sakambari and he was searching for one new role model to fit in the story. Saput ordered his brother Sunil Bc to search for the model. Kusum has a good friendship with sunil. 

Sunil decided to make the role model to kusum in that song. Prakash made a debut and she passed. Finally she got viral and didn't have time even to give an interview or to take rest.

She says that people recognized her as phoolmaya or sakambari but she wants to be famous from different characters.

Kusum sharma says she is so happy that there is no limitation of happiness. People have liked her so she thinks she has more responsibility. 

But she is really confused about modeling or going abroad. Because of her popularity she is very confused, but she pauses going abroad for now.

Most of the comments of this song are positive though there are some negative.

At the beginning her family was not happy but after seeing the full video she is getting support and appreciation from parents.

Her mother got frightened and cried a lot seeing kusum in such a character but her father settled down the situation telling it's just a video and kusum is the character. 

According to her, this song speaks of the struggle of women and the perspective of society towards women.

Society always sees weakness from women and dominant women, but this song tells that male are more responsible for creating such situations for women. 

Hope, you enjoy reading Kusum sharma’s wiki.

Thank you.

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