Uses and Benefits of Yarsagumba: Himalayan Viagra

Yarsagumba is considered as traditional medicine which has so many beneficial elements in human health.

With the changing trend of food and lifestyle, people are suffered with so many diseases these days. To be strong and healthy, people prefer to consume energy drinks, but it has so much side effects.

However, Yarsagumba is such a powerful natural medicine with so much health benefits.

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    What is Yarsagumba?

    Yarsagumba is a type of fungus which grows out from the head of dead caterpillar.

    Because of its high demand and sky-scraping price, it is considered as a biological gold.

    Yarsagumba is also called as “Himalayan Viagra,” which is found at 3,500-5,000m above sea level in Himalayan meadows of Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet

    Yarsagumba means ‘winter worm and summer grass’.

    It is the combination of caterpillar and fungus that occurs only in the highest Himalayan meadows for just a few short weeks each year before the monsoon starts.

    “However, it never dies. When the Plants die, insect live, and when the insect die, plants live”.

    The caterpillar is the larva of the ghost moth which lives a few centimetres underground feeding on the roots of grasses.

    Story of Yarsagumba

    Different people tell different stories about Yarsagumba.  It was found that Tibetans knew the medicinal value of Yarsagumba from 1500 years ago.

    The Tibetans Shepherds used to leave old animals into the jungle and after some days, they saw that the animals they left in jungle have become more active, even some of them started reproducing as well.

    Those shepherds used to be surprised about it and they observed those animals how they are being more active, healthy, and even young.

    They noticed they are eating special herb that it was “Yarsagumba”.

    They realized that the herb would be useful to mankind too. So, they tried for themselves and soon they realized its amazing medicinal property. When they used Yarsagumba for diseased people, most of the diseases are cured very well and they start to use it as medicine.


     Popularity of Yarsagumba in medication purposes

    Yarsagumba is so much popular for medicinal purpose.

    It’s a pure Himalayan plant that is used for clinical purposes and home remedies as well.

    It was discovered as a medicine around 2000 years ago in China. And after that time, it has been used as essential medicinal supply.

    Yarsagumba is widely used as a traditional and ayurvedic medicine especially in China.


    The medicinal properties of Yarsagumba are so much beneficial in following ways:

    •      alleviating fatigue.

    •      cleansing respiratory problems.

    •      lung-related kidney-related issues.

    Note: It also helps to combat with infertility of women and cures erectile disfunction in men which eventually helps for reproduction and in procreation.


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    Benefits and Uses of Yarsagumba

    Many people are curious about it and ask “What happen when we eat yarsagumba?”

    Yarsagumba has its significant impact on the reproductive system and huge health benefits in human being. It is a very important for medicinal purpose.

    It has been proved that the potentiality of Yarchagumba is not limited. Benefits of yarsagumba are as follows:

          It helps in strengthening lungs and kidneys, increase energy and vitality, stops haemorrhage, decreases phlegm etc.

          The impact of Yarsagumba on the reproductive system is also beneficial significantly.

          It is also used for impotence, backache etc.

          It can help to increase blood production and sperm production and finally develops reproductive hormones.

          It also helps to cure tiredness, fatigue, chronic cough, asthma, impotence, debility, anaemia.

          It can build the bone marrow, emission, soreness of knees, and helps to strengthen the immune system for tumour patients.


    Beside these, Yarsagumba has so many benefits in the following things:

         relieve exhaustion and fatigue

         decrease stress

         strengthen stamina.

         strengthen kidneys.

         strengthen lungs.

         increase libido of both men and women.

         increase semen.

         strengthen the immune system.

         strengthen muscles and body strength.

         cures heartdisease.

         enhance calmness and sense of balance.


     In Which Countries And Where Do We Find Yarsagumba?

    Yarsagumba is basically found in the mountain pastures.

    It is mostly popular in several Southeast Asian countries.

    In nature, this parasitic fungus can be found usually in the high altitude of mountain regions especially in Nepal, China, India and Bhutan.


    Yarsagumba in Nepal

    Though Yarsagumba is found in some Asian countries, it is mostly exported from Nepal.

    It is collected in Himalayan meadows of Nepal. It is mostly collected in 12 districts which are Dolpa, Darchula, Jumla, Mugum, Rukum, Bajang, Myagdi, Manang, Gorkha, Rasuwa, Sindhupalchok and Sankhuwasaba.

    Besides, other districts also have started to collect it to make business. Yarsagumba is considered as a highly potential medicinal mushrooms in the world.

    With its big nourishing quality, it is recognized as an important nourishing tonic.


    Price of Yarsagumba per kg

    Normally yarsagumba is sell around the price for US$40,000–50,000 per kilo.

    It is very expensive because of its medicinal properties. Also, it is seasonal and is hard to collect them.


    Why is Yarsagumba Rare

    Yarshagum can be found only in the Himalayas. It only breeds in the cold region having low temperature.

    In the high altitude, Oxygen level is limited. In such places, it is difficult for any plants, animals and people to live in. Also, Yarsagumba is “seasonal” and it cannot be found in all the seasons. That’s why yarsagumba is rare.


    Why is yarsagumba Illegal

    It is our duty to conserve and protect these species.

    Forest Regulation 1995 and Forest Act of 1993 banned the collection, use, sale and export of yarsagumba.

    Anybody engaged in any activities related to Yarsagumba becomes illegal. However, people are allowed to collect it by following specific rules and regulations.


    How much should I eat yarsagumba

    The recommended dose of Yarsagumba for a healthy person is; 0.3—0.7 g daily (1-2 pc according to the size).

    Professionals suggested to eat one whole yarsagumba in original form.

    You can boil this in water for 20 minutes and drink it. Also, you can make powder, mix it in the milk and can drink for 3 or 4 days.

    It is good to eat yarsagumba especially after lunch or dinner.


    Are there side Effects of Yarsagumba?

    There are no serious side effects of Yarsagumba and since it is a ayurvedic product, one can use it in the safe way.

    However, there are some cases, we should be aware of.

          the high dosage or the use of this medicine in big amount may bring some disbalance on your health.

          Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people who are just after surgery or the bad injury should be aware of using it in a limited way or with the appropriate advice of practitioners.


    What is the alcohol of yarsagumba

    Yarsagumba Golden sapphire (whisky)is a alcohol made from Yarsagumba. It is used in medicinal purpose.

     People drink a lot of alcohol these days and cannot live without alcohol. Instead of other alcohol, the liquor or alcohol made from Yarsagumba is promising with so many health benefits.

    The whisky of Yarsagumba has 4o percent of alcohol. It is found in Nepal. 

    Considering about the price, 750ml of it costs us dollor 92.44.

    Yarsagumba health beverage is a specially formulated drink in which Yarsagumba has been blended with alcohol and multiple natural herbs to provide the most beneficial extract that is good for heath. The alcohol of Yarsagumba will be medicine if it is used in a good way.


    Yarsagumba Tea

    Most of the people do have a strong habit of drinking tea every day.

    Some people drink milk tea multiple times that may cause health problems in digestion or creates gastritis.

    So instead of milk tea and milk coffee, you can drink Yarsagumba tea and be healthiest person.

    Yarsagumba tea is 100% organic and very original in quality. Other tea may have some chemical, but Yarsagumba tea is chemical free.

    It it expensive than other tea but it has multiple times more benefits than other tea.

    You can find Yarsagumba tea in np or in 

    You are recommended to drink two cups of Yarsagumba tea every day to have its full benefits. You can simply prepare this tea like other tea by dipping a tea bag in the hot water in a cup for sometimes.


    What is Yarsagumba called in English

    Yarsagumba is an insect-borne fungus which is widely known as “Chinese caterpillar fungus” in English and “Yarsagumba” in Nepali. It is now popular medicine throughout the world.




    Yarsagumba has the outstanding health benefits because of its capacity to heal many diseases.

    It is called a biological gold because of its high price.

    On the one hand, it is so much effective medicine and on the other hand, it has created employment for so many people.

    There are no side effects of using this medicine because it is natural and pure quality.

    Despite the terrible side effects of energy drinks, people consume it a lot. But most of the people are even unaware about the tremendious advantage of Yarsagumba.

    Hopefully, this article will support to know more about Yarsagumba and will teach how to use it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Is Yarsagumba good for health?

    Yes. Yarsagumba is beneficial for Anemia, Lung infections which is known as Bronchitis, breathing disorders, effective in treating tuberculosis, Decreasing fatigue according to WebMD. It also says yarsagumba is useful for Dizziness, Weakness, Cough, High cholesterol, Liver disorders, Frequent urination at night, Ringing in the ears, etc.

    2) Is Yarsagumba found in Nepal only?

    Yarsagumba is found in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India at 3,500-5,000m above sea level in the mountain region.

    3) How does Yarsagumba taste?

    Yarsagumba taste is of like mushroom, sweet and neutral in nature. It can be eaten either plain or can make powder, mixed with warm water or milk.

    4) Is Yarsagumba a plant or animal?

    Yarsagumba is a unique fusion of caterpillar and fungus. When we see it, yarsagumba partly looks like caterpillar and partly looks like plant. In the study of Nepal Journal online  83.8% said that it was an insect and 16.2% said it is an combination of both plant and animal. Locally it is known as “Kira” which means insect.

     5) Where can I buy yarsagumba?

    You can go to Kathmandu, Nepal and buy yarsagumba or you can buy online at,, or at amazon.

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