How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Single Mom?

Normally, people search How To Impress Girl/Boy or How To Make Wife/ Husband Happy? People rarely search how to find boyfriend for my single mother?

Can you imagine how much struggle your single mom is having in her life? No matter how much the age of your mum, it would be better to have a partner with whom she can share.

How To Help My Mom Get A Boyfriend? 12 Effective Ways.

Now a days children themself care their partner and neglect their parents. You would have no more purity to search partner for your single mum. If you are searching spouse for your mother, then it’s very fantastic way to make her happy.

1) Engage In Social Media
How can I find Boyfriend for my mother?
How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother? Photo: google image.

Your mum may not be interested to start a new relationship. She may feel that you may not be happy to see her dating. So, you should be open to tell her that you want her to be with someone.

When the kids are grown up, some mothers feel uncomfortable to have a new partner. They don’t want to be active in social media. So, encourage her to engage in social media in the following ways.

•       If she doesn’t have trending social media account like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), open the account.

•       Teach and encourage her to engage there.

•       Teach her to speak in clever and romantic way.


Note: When your mom uses these social media, she will make more friends and she will find some friends whom she can share her things. In course of time, she will be able to find someone of her type who can heal her traumas. The friendship can gradually turn into a relationship in the long term. 

2) Follow Dating Sites
How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother?

How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother?  Photo: google image.

There are many dating sites available now where people find their suitable partner.

In those dating sites, there will be every type of people - young, adults or even aged people who are searching for partner of their types. So, your mum will find someone like her.

Many people do not consider dating sites to find a right partner and your mum may not like it too. So, you can explain her that she can try to find someone just to make a friendship. You can give her some examples of your friend’s mum and dad who finds their right partner in dating sites.

The most common dating sites like: Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, etc. where she can find someone for her. However, finding a suitable person is not an easy thing. There can be some challenges while using dating apps.  Your single mom should be aware of the following things.

•       Be aware of the fake account users.

•       Do not trust someone in short time.

•       Never give your heart without meeting and knowing in person


Note: Your mum should have patience to wait for long time to find suitable person. she already has a difficult history of her love life and can be broken easily. So rather to believe someone in short time, she should take a little bit long time to find right person who is seeking a partner like her.

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3) Join In Fitness Class

If she joins fitness class, she will find many friends over there.

Some single men will be searching for a woman and will be open for the relationship.

Also, she will be happy to socialize with people over there. And there will be good possibilities to find someone of her interest in such spaces.

•       Gym also makes her body attractive.

•       It keeps brain fit and fine.

•       Fitness class reduce her health rick.


4) Make Friendship With Men
How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother?
How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother? Photo: google image.

Friendship is the first step of relationship.

Your single mama is feeling lonely, and she always looks upset about past. When she sees family walking together, she gets sad and start to think about the past. she feels isolated and lost.

Here are some ways you can support her to create friendship with men.

•       Let her go for outing and social gathering.

•       Send her for travelling when she has vacation.

•       Show her your confidence to be completely independent so that she feels ready to pursue other guys.

•       Appreciate her for making friends.


5) Be More Friendly and Social to Attract Guys.

To attract men, your mom should be friendly and sociable.

Tell her to be frank and funny. Every man gets attracted with such woman and will definitely have a lot of friends. Then she can choose the one.


6) Visit Clubs, Concerts and Social Gatherings.

These spaces hold possibilities to find someone for your single mamma.

She can find many similar guys who will be searching for a woman to start a new relationship.

You can do the following things to encourage her to visit such public places.

•       Buy a ticket as a surprise gift to visit concert.

•       If you are working person, give her some money on weekends to spend for entertainment.

•       Buy beautiful dress for her so that she will go on parties and ceremonies wearing them.


7) Work

If your mother works, there are chances for her to find a colleague who is of her type.

Workplace is the right place to develop relationship easily as they will meet every day and they can know each other very well.

Tell your mum to invite her colleagues at home for lunch on weekends. If you find her interests with someone else, indirectly praise that person.  Your mum will be happy to develop relationship with the guy that you like.

Also, if you find a suitable guy for your mom in your workplace, try to develop friendship with him. Invite him at your house and try to make friendship with mum. She will have positive feeling to the men whom you like.


8) Hang Out With Friends

This is very common and easy way to find someone for your mom. Let her hang out with friends. Let her be happy going out and spending time with the friends she like. Know the hobbies of ma and treat her accordingly like;

•       Send her in group picnics.

•       Tell her to have a beach trip.

•       Send her to watch movies.


9) Community Sports League
How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother?
How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother? Photo: google image.

Men are mostly engaged in community sports league. They have more interests in sports and entertainment. And men generally like women who like sports.

They want similar type of lady so that she will allow him to spend time for fun and sports. So, if your mom visits such sport zone, she can find a wonderful soulmate for her.

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10) Church

Everybody visit church and there are many people Where your mommy can meet. Send her to church often to increase her chances to find a boyfriend. It may not happen in short time. But it holds prospects for your mother to find someone she deserves. There are many examples of finding a better half in the church.


11) Coffee shop

Most of the people wants to visit coffee shop not only to drink coffee but also to socialize. They want to make friendships while drinking coffee.

If your mom visits coffee shop, she will be more socialized to people and in course of time, she may find a spouse who is suitable for her to date.

•       Guide her to visit the same location at the same time frequently.

•       Speak with the person with whom you meet regularly.


12) Parks
How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother?
How Can I Find a Boyfriend For My Mother? Photo: google image.

Even in parks, people fall in love. In the leisure time, people go to park sometimes with children and sometimes alone. Some guys may be single searching for a right partner everywhere. So, visiting park would be fruitful for your mom to find a boyfriend.



There are many ways to help your mum to find a boyfriend. If you help her to find a right person in her life, she will be indebted of it and will be so happy with you rest of her life. 

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”-Mitch Albom

This will rather increate the bond between you and your mama. Why not to be a great child of your mommy. Try to make her happy.

Also, if someone is wondering how to find a girlfriend for my father, he or she can get the same idea presented above. The above-mentioned places have good possibilities to find a right partner for someone. So why not to try for your parents. Don’t feel jealous to share your parents with someone. If your father or mother is single, try to fulfil that gap in their life.

Many people may feel this question wired “how to find a boyfriend to your mum”. But if you really think deeply, you are doing justice to your mom, and you will be a real child who loves her from the bottom of the heart.

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Frequently asked Questions:

1.     Will men date single moms?

Yes, why not! There are many single dads too who are seeking partners who can understand them.

There are many proves that many single moms have find unmarried partners who are now success and happy.


2.     Is it hard to find a partner as a single mom?

Finding a life partner isn't easy as a single parent, but it's possible. You can find your love from dating sites too.


3.     Can a man love a single woman?

Doctors and experts claim that any man is polygamous by nature. Which means men absolutely cannot remain faithful to one woman but be tempted to love another woman or cheat on their own wife. So, men love women.


4.     Can a single man marry a single mother?

Why not! Single man does marry single mothers, and single women also marry single fathers. But someone may not accept to this idea of marrying into someone who already has kids.


5.     Are men willing to date single moms?

Yes, they do! Many single moms have found love, companionship and partnership with good, successful men who respect and care for them.


                Thank you.

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