30 Key Habits To Cultivate a Happy Mind for an Incredibly Fulfilling Life

In this article we are going to talk about what is happiness, 30 key habits to cultivate a happy mind for an incredibly fulfilling life, and conclusion.

What is happiness? Short overview.

Happiness is an emotional state of a person which can be indicated by the feelings of satisfaction, contentment, joy and fulfillment. 

Though happiness can be defined in many ways but in reality it is just the positive emotions and life satisfaction. 

It is something that people seek to find but it can vary from one person to another according to their needs.

Happy mind happy life
Happy mind happy life.

Living in peace and harmony with your mind, body and soul is the true happiness. It is not necessary to have any materialistic things to be truly happy. 

Just focus on mastering the art of happiness. Emphasize your dream and try to fulfill it. Make a positive mindset and see how it can transfer your life. 

Be good, do good and see good. Only then you can live a life overflowing with happiness and fulfillment. 

The only thing that makes you happy is being happy with who you are or what you are - GOLDIE HAWN

If you are feeling like you are living the life you wanted or if you are satisfied with your life, that's happiness. 

How to live a happy life? How can I make my life happier? It is a practice and a way of thinking. It won't change overnight. 

So we have brought simple habits for cultivating a happy mind and embracing a happier life which you can practice everyday.

30 unlocking secrets to a happy mind for a life of bliss 

1) Think Positively

You have to train your brain to think positively to find long term happiness. 

Don't let your mind run negatively. Everyday try to find positives in your life only then you can unlock the secrets of living a happy life. 

Be happy with what you have and what you have achieved till now. Make yourself busy and try to smile every moment. Embrace the power of positivity. 

You can chant some positive mantras every day and bring a positive vibration on your mind and body. 

Always think “today is a beautiful day” or “feel grateful for what you have”. Transfer your mindset for a happier and fulfilling life. 

2) Smile

First smile and discover the transformative power of a happy mind for a happy life. Normally we smile when we are happy. 

Smiling causes the brain to deliver dopamine, which makes people happier.

Researchers have found that there is a connection between smiling and happiness. If you are happy, the emotions will come out with the help of facial expression.

Power of happy mind for happy life
Power of happy mind for happy life

It is not necessary to show a fake smile on your face every moment but you can start the day smiling at yourself in the mirror because smiling is one of the mind-blowing hacks to live a happier life.

3) Celebrate with little victories.

Everybody does have ups and downs in their life. Though man is born free but everywhere he is in chains. 

In between the obstacles there can be many little victories but we don't notice them. 

Just sit down and think about them and start to celebrate those small wins which you have achieved. See the people behind you and try to be happy. 

Just wake up and think that you slept well. By the afternoon you have finished a lot of work. Till night you might have done many complex things. 

Think and take pleasure with all the achievements. Which really adds you up and the way of living.

4) Keep company with good people.

One of the important things to be happy is to set boundaries around you. 

To conserve and protect yourself, always  limit the people of your surroundings. 

Those who don't refill your energy, don't listen to you, don't have common interests can’t be your good friends.

True friends are those who offer you support, promote self-confidence, always boost up for your welfare, provide honesty etc. 

People who complain often, make poor choices, who don't listen and share anything will only drain your energy. 

Good friends fill so many colors of happiness in your life without giving any stress. They always try to make comfort and remove loneliness - AMBER O’BRIEN

So always keep company or try to make connections  with good people and cut off with whorse. 

5) Do your interest

Doing what you wish is another secret for a blissful life. If you don't try to fulfill your interest you shall never be happy so get indulge into your mission. 

Do what you love. Don't waste your precious time in a joyless job. 

Focus on such things which provide you a high level of satisfaction. 

The more you try to fulfill your desire the more chances for you to achieve success. More you achieve success, the more you become glad.

6) Give gratitude

Being grateful can give your mood a big boost and satisfaction. 

Practicing gratitude can have the best impact on feelings of joy and contentment. 

You just try this everyday and then it becomes a habit for you. You can practice gratitude on simple things like, your coolidge may offer you a cup of coffee. Or your friends may just wave a hand to you. 

If you make a habit of gratitude, you start to see positive things around you. Ultimately you would be a happy person.

DENIS WAITLEY says that - 

“Happiness cannot be earned, worn, traveled to, or owned, or neither consumed. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with gratitude, love and grace.”


7) practice compliment

Give a sincere compliment if somebody helps you. Say thank you with a smile and see their face how they feel. 

You might be surprised  how they feel and also how good it makes you feel. 

Giving compliments has the life changing power which brings true happiness. 

Different research shows that performing acts of kindness  and compliments also boost your overall well-being.

Giving a compliment is a quick and easy way to brighten someone's face while giving your own happiness a push up too. 

Practicing compliments not only makes someone glad, it also glorifies your image as a polite, sympathetic person which makes you feel happy.

8) Live in the present

It is one of the strategies to cultivate a happy mind and experience an extraordinary life. 

Most of the people think about the past and future but the reality is what you are experiencing in the present moment. 

People only live in the past and think for the future. These people can't be happy in the present moment. 

If you think about the present you can be fully engaged and can have ultimate joy. 

One of the secret things is to live for the present and enjoy every moment.

Note: Those people who live in the present always remain happy and have blissful life because they don’t think of past and future. Ultimately they have no tensions.

9) Don't evaluate yourself against others

It's simple to get caught up in comparing oneself to others, whether it's on social media, at work, or somewhere else. 

It's possible for you to feel more unsatisfied, have a poorer sense of self, and even go through sadness and anxiety.

As i already told you for joyness see the people  behind you but not above.

In order to achieve inner peace and contentment, it may take some discipline to quit comparing oneself to others.

10) Go into nature

Some studies believe  that this age is a very highly connected generation. 

Happy life happy mind

Lot of people are actually suffering from a nature deficit disorder. 

Research shows that the more time you spend in nature and the more you engage with the natural world around you, the more happiness you gain. 

Connecting with nature also plays a role in maintaining positive emotions and mental health. 

Always make good friends, eat simple and healthy food and go outside from home.

Go into nature and see how beautiful the world is. How the flowers are blooming, how birds and butterflies are flying. 

Sit alone on the bank of the river and listen to the sound. You will definitely be happy.

11) Never worry

Worrying constantly about anything creates toxic anxiety that fills your mind with negative, spinning thoughts. 

Worry torments your mind, leaving you anxious and worried about things that are often out of your control. 

Sometimes we think that if we worry enough, we can prevent bad things from happening. 

But the truth is, you can't feel joy, or even fulfillment, when you're consumed by worry. So don't worry about anything. Just chill every moment.

Always keep in mind that everything is going to be positive.

12) Roadmap your week

Do you ever feel like you are struggling? At the end of each week, try to sit down, think deeply and create a baseline list for the week ahead.

Even if you're not sticking to your schedule, setting aside time to do laundry, shop for groceries, or tackle work projects can help calm your mind.

You can make a fancy plan that gives you joy and contentment. 

You can note out your plan on your mobile phone and roam accordingly. 

People walking with a roadmap and their plan definitely get success and also definitely be happy.

13) Express your heart.

Almost all psychologists agree that telling secrets or talking to someone about your feelings can have a huge impact on your mood but it depends on what you're talking about. 

If you share your stories with others, you will somehow get rid of the trouble and be fresh. Solution may also come from your conversation. 

If you have a wife, keep in mind a happy wife happy life so elevate your relationship with a happy wife. 

Kindly express your heart and see how a happy wife can revolutionize your life. So this is a key to a blissful married life too. 

You can also see, How to make your wife happy? for more tips.

14) Build healthy relationship

We often think that a happy life has to be created by ourselves. 

But long-term happiness actually comes from the relationships which we form with other people. 

In fact, healthy relationships are the most important factor in our health as well as happiness. 

That's why learning to build better relationships will help you live happily ever after.

Some ways to improve relationships:

  • Practice gratitude
  • Be careful using social media
  • Try not to hurt others heart

15) Laugh often

All my life I've heard people saying that laughter is the best medicine to create a life full of happiness and spiritual enlightenment. 

Now I realize people are right. When we laugh, we let go of our worries and enjoy the moment so try to genuinely laugh.

You will make mistakes and do embarrassing things but think it's part of being human so,you must learn to laugh at yourself.

Everybody makes mistakes obviously. Instead of judging yourself for your mistakes, learn to laugh at them. This is one of the best ways to stay happy.

16) Yoga and Meditation

Doing Yoga and Meditation around 30 minutes every morning may increase mental and physical energy. 

It boosts you in consciousness and enthusiasm and lowers negative feelings. It not only relaxes you but also helps to connect with mind, body and soul. 

These are the forms of training or practices which liberates your mind from discomfort or worries. 

Finally, you will receive a level of fulfillment and inner happiness. 

So, yoga and meditation can be another happy life spiritual tips.

17) Be creative

Many studies show that regularly engaging in creative activities actually helps foster a happier mindset. 

Those people who spend their time on imagination and being creative have more enthusiasm. 

They are more likely to have the vibration of long-term happiness and well-being. Always bring happy life thoughts. 

Such creative activities can be singing, dancing, writing, drawing, painting and many more. 

Having a positive mindset can rock and make life blissful. 

They can live an extraordinary life so being creative is another secret to live a long and happy life.

18) Help needy

It doesnt mean go and search people who need help. If you see somebody struggling with the load you can help them. 

You can help childrens,pregnant women, elderly people. After your help see their face. Acknowledge how they feel. They definitely thank you with a smile. 

How do you feel now? You also definitely feel happy, isn't it?

19) Send written notes

Can you remember the days when we wrote birthday cards? 

Only looking back on the past, we know how good that time was. You may not know someone whose birthday is today. 

Try saying "thank you" when someone does something for you. Yes, you will be forever grateful for them, but more importantly you will remember them and repeat them later. 

You can attach chocolate, pen or something small, attractive and funny things with your note too which will make the gesture sweeter. 

You can send happy life quotes. There are many happy life quotes available on the internet. 

You can master the art by cultivating a joyful mind. 

20) Compliment a stranger

Have you ever faced a stranger telling you how pretty your hair looks? If yes, you must have felt very wonderful and pleasant. 

If you meet such strangers and like their appearance, ornaments or anything, let them know. 

You can ask where you buy this, it looks very nice for you etc. Compliments give joy to them and to you too.

21) Give presents

Don't be afraid, my friends. It doesn't mean branded or any expensive things. 

Go into the shop and buy simple things like sunglasses, shoes etc. It's more love and remembrance than the present. 

If you don't have any idea of the present, you can visit the Amazon site and buy online. 

This way can help you and your friend also  be happy.

22) Donate

How many clothes do you actually have in your closet and do you wear them all? 

How many toys do your children have and do they play with every toy that they have?

Don’t make it harder and de-clutter for your home. Create happy life events and give the stuff to someone. There are many needy people in the society. 

They may be struggling to buy the thing that you have. 

Give happy life training and maintain a happy life together in your society. This way can develop your happy life habit also.

23) Plan special things

You can plan something special that makes you happy. Surprise is perfect for letting the fun explode. 

Plan a fun evening with your loved ones without giving any information. 

You can go to watch movies, or you can also join a couple dance class. You can have a night city tour. 

Plan your wish which makes you and your friend something special.  

24) Greetings 

It doesn’t need a lot of courage to say ‘hi or hello’ to anybody. You can say ‘hey' and have a small talk even to strangers. Don’t feel shy. 

Firstly acknowledge and secondly appreciate the people who come near to you. If you build the habit of greeting people will think that you are frank. 

Then it will not be different for further communication. They will be happy with your greetings and you too.

25) Appreciate publicly

If you like your subordinate’s performance you can appreciate him/her publicly rather than in private. 

Everybody likes to be praised and appreciated in front of other people. 

You know how much struggle does anyone do to earn name and fame? Can you imagine how happy they will be to listen to their appreciation in front of the public?

26) Tell I miss you

If you miss somebody then let them know that you miss them. 

Most of the people feel shy to say that i miss you. No not! Now onwards if you miss anyone ring the phone and say that you miss him/her. 

How happy will they be to listen to this? Sit in front of the mirror and see how smiley you are. You must let them know.


A simple apology can make a lot of problems vanish in a jiffy. But it won't work if you don't take the necessary steps to correct your post-apology behavior. 

Committing to change can make you believe in your apology. 

Never hesitate to say "I'm sorry". It can make you feel a little better. Because of simple mistakes people are alone in society. 

I know the world is cruel but you are searching for genuine peace and a happy mind. 

Go and say sorry and make your life peaceful and blissful.

28) Listen your favorite music

We can all agree that listening to your favorite music is very pleasant and motivating. 

Listen music for happy life

Listen music for happy life

But expert Dr. Josephine Perry says that we will be more happy if we switch our playlist to shuffle. 

Music is such a powerful thing which releases happy hormones dopamine. 

So people listen to music whenever they are happy or sad. Music is a friend either in sorrow or even when you are alone. 

Have you ever seen people listening to music on headphones and smiling? See the power of music. 

When you play the music and listen to the few beats of the track, you go into an extra dopamine buzz and start to sing with a smile on your face. 

So music is also the biggest boost of happiness. 

29) Forgive

Holding a grudge is stressful. It may make you feel angry, sad, anxious. 

But forgiving someone is one of the medicines of happiness who has hurt you. It doesn’t cause negative emotions at all. 

Don't worry about them. Practice forgiveness. It's better for your growth.

30) Make rest

Rest is so important to our well-being that few of us take it.  In the time of resting also we often fill the gaps with more tasks like social media scrolling. 

We sit to rest but give more load to our mind and eye. So, this is not good for our happiness level. 

Rather it leads to increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

As a human being, we were not designed to be constantly busy or to have our brains working for 24 hours/7 days. 

We need time to slow down and organize our day. Rest is important to escape stress and restore health. 

So, rest should be a priority for eternal happiness.


As you already know happiness is simply a state of mind for well-being and contentment. 

It is an emotion that influences how we live and feel every moment and it can be achieved in simple ways. 

Ultimately we have revealed 30 joyful mindset formulas. We hope you understand the science behind the happy mind.

Thank you.

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