How to make your wife Happy: 26 effective tips and tricks

The best trick to be happy and successful in life is to have a blissful and harmonious family life. "How to make your wife happy" has been the biggest concern now. Happy wife means happy home and finally happy everyone. Relationship is the key tool to make someone bold, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and physically and emotionally balanced.

How to make your wife HappyHow to make my wife happy?

What makes your wife happy? 

Major Keys
Appreciation, Smile, Affection, Support, Hugs, Gifts, Protection, Honesty.

 Mostly, healthy marriage is the beginning of successful life. When wife is happy, everything turns to be positive. 

Here are 26 effective and useful strategies to make your wife happy. 

1) Appreciate her 

 This is a natural phenomenon for a woman that she wants to be appreciated. No matter whether it is for her physical appearance, voice, way of loving, for cooking, working or in any situation, she expects to have complements from her husband. And this not just one time, rather she wants to hear something about her in everyday life. Appreciation also helps her to do better to those things where she does not get any complements. 

2) Spend time with her 

 Your wife comes with you leaving her family. She considers you everything and she valued you the best among anyone. So, she expect same from you as well. She wants you to spend time with her. She feels safe and secure to be with you when she knows you love to spend time with her. Spending time with her makes her feel sure that you are happy to be with her. 

3) Surprise her with gifts 
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 Giving surprise gifts to your wife can be the very lovely way to make your wife happy. With those surprise gifts, she will be able to know how you are always seeking for her happiness. This eventually shows how much happy you are with her. It is not necessary to be a big surprise always but just a flower or even a love letter in some situation can add beautiful energy in the relationship. She will be thrilled to receive surprised gifts from you. You can buy gifts from Amazon.

4) Hug and kiss her often 

 These things look common and normal but are the best ways to keep your wife really happy with you. Physical touch can share really good energy to her. She feels really honored and great with your hugs and kisses. For a women, hug and kiss from her partner is real bliss of happiness. 

5) Understand the feminine attributes

Men and women are two opposite polar that makes something whole or complete. There are so many differences in feelings, emotions, natures, behaviors and also the physical attributes. To keep his wife happy, a husband should well understand the female attributes. For example, he should respect and give value on her female qualities and should try to be flexible to associate with her happiness. 

6) Trust her 

 Every woman has desire to find someone who can trust her. She can feel secure to stay in the relationship where there is trust. So, don't try to ask so many unnecessary questions with her and never expect evidence. Don`t peep into her past rather always try to stay with present dreaming the beautiful future together. Never bother her with arguments and doubts about having friends and enjoying social life. 

7) Cook for her 
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 Most of the women loves cooking and they want to prepare special dish for their partner. How often do you cook for your wife? A wife feels really loved and cared when she is eating something that is cooked by her husband specially for her. For example, a cup of coffee in the morning time, her favorite dinner for her when she is so exhausted, a hot soup when she is in menstruation can reflect her true happiness that you can try. Also, you should always share work in households. 

8) Know what she wants 

 Only loving each other does not work for a healthy relationship at times. The best thing is to know what does your wife wants. Sometimes only listening to her wants makes her happy. Try to find out her choices and desires so that even a simple thing can make her happy. 

9) Extra care when she is sick 


Your wife needs special attention and extra care when she is sick. Never ignore when she is not feeling well. Generally, women work more in the house even though both husband and wife are working people. But a wife is literally frustrated when her husband does not give proper care when she is sick. Sufficient care during illness will help the relationship to be more stronger all the time. But if you are unable to care her in her sickness, she starts to lose faith on you. 

10) Never lie her 


To make your wife happy, you should be frank and expressive to her. She wants you to listen her and in the same way, she wants to listen you. So, she loves to hear your plan, your dreams and desire and want to participate on them. So, never lie her and never give her faluse assumptions. She will be ready to accept your any situation because she chooses to spend life with you. She gets really hurt when she finds you are making lie. 

11) Listen to her when she is sharing 
                                                                                       How to make your wife happy? Photo: google image

 Who could be there who does not want her husband to listen her. Female are so emotional and soft with nature and they want to share their emotions to the nearest person. If a husband listens her wife, she feels so lucky to have him in her life. As a result, there will be no chance for her to seek someone who can listen her. If husband does not listen what she express she starts to lose connection with him and tries to find someone who can listen her. 

12) Be romantic and sensual 

 This point could be very effective to keep your marriage full of blessings. Your wife likes you to be playful and sensual to her. Not only in the bed time, rather you can be romantic to her anytime i.e while cooking, while cleaning the house and while going outside. Most of the women love to receive romantic touch from their men in public. Try to know how likes to be treated when it comes about romance. Your kiss, cuddling and any soft and sensual touch can add so much pleasure in her in many situations. Physical intimacy can also help to cure emotional dis-balance of the couple. Your wife will be more delighted when you are romantic and playful with her. 

13) Show gratitude to her 

 The words of gratitude always add sweetness in marriage. It is not difficult thing but people generally ignore. Being grateful to her love, care and affection towards you, you will make your wife happier. When you are grateful with her, she wants yo make you more happy. Its a cycle of happiness that the more you are grateful, the more you will be receiving. Making your wife happy actually means making yourself happy. 

14) Hold responsibility 

 Always be ready to share responsibilities with your wife. She comes to make your family complete and you should also make her feel complete. If you hold your duties, she will feel protected and supported by you. Share work in everything that's comes in the family and outside. It can be for households, career and financial matters or about the upbringing of kids. 

15) Consult with her before making plan

 Your wife is your better half. Sharing ides with her, you can create happy married life. If you make plan together, that will be beneficial for the whole family. If your share your plan, she would love to share her plan so that both of you will be happy with each other. By this way, a strong family will be formed with the combined idea and efforts of both of you. 

16) Be loyal and honest to her 

 Being faithful to your wife, you can make her happy. She will never accept her husband being dishonest to her. It is very difficult for you to get her connected to you in the same way after you lose her faith once. Never hide anything from her. She will be even ready to accept you with some fault if she finds you loyal and honest with her. 

17) Accept mistakes and apologize 
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 To make your wife happy with you, you should be flexible to apologize when you create any mistakes. Never bring ego in your mind when you have to say sorry to her. Creating mistakes is normal but problems create when you don't say sorry. Show respect and value to her with apology when you create mistakes. That is the best strategy to console her when she is upset by your fault. 

18) Respect her parents and friends 

 Your wife comes with you leaving her parents, family and friend. If you respect her family and friends, she will never be upset and lonely. Respecting her as how she was grown up and having good bond with her parents you can make her feel that you are also a member of her family. Let her feel you her soulmate all the time. 

19) Always share household work 

 Don’t be lazy to share household works. It’s your duty to share half of it. You both will have equal responsibility inside and outside the house. Your wife will be so happy if you cook for her, if you involve in any work that comes in house. For example, if she is cooking, you can work in the garden. If you have kids, be more responsible either to take care of your kids or to work whatever is available. 

20) Be equally responsible for family planning and parenting 

 Majority of men are not equally responsible as their wives when it comes about planning and upbringing babies. A wife is always happy whose husband is a good father of their kids. To please your wife, you should participate a lot with your kids. Your wife feels herself luckiest to see you being responsible for your children.

21) Be kind and affectionate 

 Women are soft and sensible by nature. Your wife is the source of love in your house. Showing love, compassion and devotion, you can win her heart. Use loving words that can enrich her life. You can call her with beautiful nicknames that you keep for her. 

22) Never abuse her 

 Marriage is a commitment from both husband and wife. Relationship should be handled with much care. Knowingly or unknowingly, there can be some mistakes at times. Never abuse her wife with bad words. If you forgive your with some small faults, she will be so grateful with you and will be happy to have you as her husband. Abusing her make her feel very low and that eventually makes her unhappy about relationship and marriage. 

23) Be expressive to show how much you love 

 Most of the men are not expressive to show how much they love to their wife. They feel shy to be expressive. But a wife always expect to hear how much her husband loves to her. To make your wife happy, you should often be expressive in different ways. A woman even expect to hear love from her husband in the public. 

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24) Organize dating and long drive often 
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 Refreshment is very necessary for every couple. A married life is always happy when husband and wife are spending their leisure time in dating and entertainment. Sometimes, your wife may wish to have long drive with you that will increase your intimacy with her. To make your wife happy, you should have to think how you spend quality time with her when both of you are in free time. 

25) Give space to her 

The best tip to make your wife happy is to give space to her. With a lot of responsibilities in the house and in the work, she gets so much tired and irritated. So she needs time for herself too. Don't make questions about where does she want to go and what she wants to do. She may wish to relax on her own way. 

26) Always be tidy and keep things in the right place 

 Some men are different in their personal care before and after marriage. Before marriage, they try to keep themselves fit and smart all the time. And after marriage, they become lazier and more careless. Your wife wants to have you always fit and tidy. She loves to add smartness on you, but she wants you to impress her still in the same way when you were her boyfriend. Also, another irritating thing for a wife about her husband is to see this stuffs everywhere in the house. Be careful about the placement of your personal belongings. Your wife will be really happy to see you organized. 

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