How to Impress a Girl? The Best 17 Effective Tips

To impress a girl of your choice has been the biggest concern for most of the boys in the modern time. Because of the growing relationship issues, girls do not trust on guys, and it is difficult to convince or attract the girls with simple tricks. Girls are not easily impressed. 

How to Impress a Girl?
How to Impress a Girl? 

How to impress girls : 17 Tips and tricks to impress girls

Having compliment is necessary to impress a girl of your wish but you shall have to do in a smart way. Here we have listed very useful ways with some tips to impress a girl. 

 1) Give Complement to her 

The best and very essential way to attract a girl is to compliment her in a smart way. Girls want to hear compliments and they are so much happy and thrilled with appreciation and praising. So, never hesitate to praise her in all the ways you could. But be careful not to be so much appealing or exaggerating. Here are some important tips you can follow: 

    ·   Praise her physical appearance.  

     i)     Special comments about her eyes
ii)    Hair style
iii)   Way of speaking
iv)   Dress up

    ·     Tell she is a good listener 
    ·     Tell she is extra ordinary with knowledge 
    ·     Tell her that she is the combination of brain and beauty
    ·     Tell her that she has good understanding ability
    ·     Tell her how positive and kind she is

 2) Be well dressed and smart 

Girls always seek for boys how they are physically strong and tidy. So being well groomed is one of the best ways to impress a girl. How can you be smart? Here are some tips: 

    ·     Regular physical exercise or gym.
    ·   To have suitable and attractive hair style according to your face.
    ·   Always wear very clean and branded shoes.
    ·   Have good sense of dress up according to situations.

 3) Give surprise gift to her 

Girls are vert impressed with gifts. They want their loved ones to give them surprise gifts. They give value to gifts and they adore those person who remember them in special occasions. If you don’t have any ideas what can I gift to impress a girl, you can click here to find some options.

Tips: You should be aware that a girl should be at least familiar with you before giving a gifts. Generally, girls do not accept gifts from unknown person. So try to be friendly to her before you are offering her a gift. 

 4) Ignore your phone when you are with her

To attract a girl of your desire, you need to have smartness in many ways. You should be very pleasant and listening to her when she is speaking. Ignore your phone when you are with her. They feel bored and disturbed if you are engaged with phone. You should be with her with active communication, eye contact, facial expressions and gesture. 

 5) Give importance to her asking for advice 
How to Impress a Girl?How to Impress a Girl? 

Girls judge you whether you give importance or value to her or not. If you ask for some advice to make your any decision that will help her to her know much importance he is giving to you. She will be happy to give advice to you. However, here are some situations you should be aware of asking for advice 

·     Never ask her opinion or judgement about your family 
·     Don’t share about other girls who were showing interest on you 
·     Don’t appreciate any other girl in front of her 
·     Don’t ask advice with her about how to respond to other girls 

 6) Be a good listener when she is sharing 

It is a common habit of all most of the girls that they want to share things. If you are just friend to her and have to impress her, you should have to be tactful to listen to her. A girl chooses a life partner who can listen her. A boy who listens to her can make her really happy and blessed. So to fall in love with a girl, you should have ability to listen to her and accompany to her. When should you be listening her especially? 

·     Listen to her when she is so emotional and want to share something to you.
·     Listen to her when she is talking about her childhood. 
·     Listen to her when she is talking about her family and friends.
·     Listen to her when she wants some advises.
·     Listen to her she is sick and upset.

A girl is filled with love in her heart when someone listens to her and she is attracted to that guy who listens to her. Don’t interrupt her when she is sharing. Rather let her feel that you are interested in listening her.

7) Have good sense of humor 

This is very effective trick to attract a girl towards you. Most of the girls like a happy and romantic boy friend with a good sense of humor. Never be pessimistic and disappointed in front of a girl you like. Try to present yourself happy and intact in front of her. Make some humorous situations with funny topics or stories. Here are some tips you can use to create fun. 

·     You can bring some comedy or jock that create laughter.
·    You make some acting with gesture and voice about any popular celebrity.
·    You can act childish at times being stubborn and later, you can let her know you loved to        make fun in that way.
·    Take about entertainment and way of enjoyment telling that having fun is your hobby           since childhood.
·    Be present and active with the situation to bring some fun topic instantly (this will make       her feel that you will be a fun and happy guy all the time). 
·    Sing a song and even dance when you go outing with friends when she is also involved. 

 8) Be confident when talking with her 

A girl will be seeking for a confident and courageous person to spend her life together. She will feel secure to be with a man who is decisive, bold and confident. A confident guy can have a better career than the guy how is not confident. So if you be confident and strong in front of her, she can be attracted towards you gradually. And a girl may believe that a confident guy can make a proper decision about his life partner too. She can response you positively when you propose her. 

 Tips: be smart enough not to be confident in all the situation. Girls are very smart and they are not easy to believe everything from you. If you are just showing confidence in everything, they may guess you are trying to just impress her. So, in some situations, you should let know that you don’t like this and that and you don’t want to go with. This will make her feel that you are a true and frank person. So in other situations, she will believe in your confidence.

 9) Make her feel special in front of other

This can be one of the powerful tips to impress a girl that you like. Girls are so loving, soft, emotional and sensitive in personality. They can be happy with small things and sad with small things. A girl feels really great if you praise her indirectly in front of other. If she feels respect and honored by you in the circle of friends, she really feels happy and can be impressed by you. 

 Tips: Never use love topic while praising her because she will feel shy and may not like that way. Rather you make compliment about her talents, ability, way of speaking and her gentleness. You should try to make feel that you are pursuing her as a friend not like a romantic love interests. If you approach her in that way, she will really be impressed with your compliments

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 10) Respect her with what she is
How to Impress a Girl? Tips and Tricks
How to Impress a Girl? 

 It is the hygienic idea to make her fall in love with you. You should show with her that you like her because of her simplicity and her own flow of live. You need to make her feel that she is special because of her unique and distinct quality that she has. You need to let her know that you like her because of her organic way or a very natural or pure way. That will make her feel that life will be easy with you if she chooses you as her life partner. Some tips can be the following. 

·     Praise about her natural beauty 
·     Compliment about how gentle and loving she is 
·     Show how you feel honored talking to her 
·     Tell you like her simplicity in life and smartness in behavior 
·     Mention that you feel her different than other girls with her special qualities 

11) Be ambitious and attentive 

 A girl always seeks for a boy who is ambitious about his plan. She wants life partner who is really confident, attentive, action oriented, bold and energetic. Don’t talk about yourself, don’t praise about yourself directly. But with some situation you should be able to show your wisdom and intelligence. 

 12) Make eye contact with her

Making eye contact to her, you can win her heart. She feel touched and can have goosebumps with the lovely way you look at her. You should do it with gentle and fresh smile on your face to create comfort on her. Your facial expressions should show how much happy you are with her presence. While making eye contact with her, make some instant comment to feel how special she is and how much he is pleased with her. 

 Tips: Making eye contact is very special thing but it can be annoying if you keep on staring her all the time. So, try to make beautiful and special situation to make eye contact to win her heart. 

 13) Be obedient and loyal 

Your honesty, obedience and kindness are the best skills to impress a girl of your desire. Girls are mostly attracted to your personality and behaviour. they will check your habits before falling in love with you. They will try to find out how much honest, loyal and trust worthy you are. So, try to maintain those things when you are talking to her. 

14) Show your capabilities 

 When a girl decide to choose you, she assumes you as her life partner. So, she wants to be with a man who is capable of holding responsibility when it comes about work and financial situation. So if you are a young boy and are not working now, you should show you talents in study how intelligent and brilliant you are and how can be your scope. If you are already a working man, you should show how able you are in your work and what are your plan for the future. This is a kind of secure zone for a girl to choose a man who is worthy for handling the duty and responsibilities in work and can have a secured financial situation.

 15) Be self disciplined 
How to impress girl?
How to impress girl?

 Self discipline is necessary for everyone and specially a girl wants to have a partner who is self disciplined. She is choosing a partner to spend a life together and she expect her boyfriend who is aware about the self and always try to maintain himself with good manner and behaviour. 

 16) Don’t give up when she dislike you 

Generally girls do not believe you if she knows you are trying to impress her. So you should not be so much direct on expressing your likeness towards her. You should act in a friendly way all the time unless you are sure that she likes you. If she dislikes you, don’t be upset and never give up. It is natural for a girl to reject you at the beginning. She takes time to understand you well so she may ignore you. When she ignores you, let her space, not force her to speak. You take your space too and let her feel your obscene so that she will start to miss you and think about you. 

17) Be polite while talking to her 

Politeness is the healthiest tip to impress a girl that you like. Your voice or way of speaking to her is a main technique to impress her in a right way. Be tactful, polite, gentle, honest and kind to her when you are speaking. Remember, communication is the biggest tool to some a girl fall in love with you. So she will judge you with the way of your taking, how much polite and honest you are.

 How to attract a girl online? 

Your politeness can play a vital role. To impress a girl you find in Instagram, viber, what’s app, twitter, Facebook, emo or any social media, your politeness play a biggest role because that is only the way for her to judge you very well. So, it is good to think very well before speaking not to make her hurt with your speaking. 

 Here are some tips to attract a girl online.  

·     You should start to take with her in friendly style. 
·   Use very simple and respectful word to appreciate her physical beauty.
·   Tell her that you feel unique kind of connection when you see you picture online 
·   Send beautiful text and emoji in the morning and at night with sweet message . 
·   Your words selection is going to be playing a great role to impress her 

Note: You should be aware that your language is more friendly than romantic at the beginning. Girls to do like the guys who directly get romantic before knowing her fully. So at first, you start to act like a friend with gentle words to show how you like her and later when she start to share with you and feel comfortable with you, you can start to be romantic. 

 Here are some additional tips that may be useful for you to impress a girl.

How to impress a girl on first meeting?

It is a common quote that first impression is the last impression. it is very true that the first impression always effect a relationship to move ahead. So there are many things you should have to be aware about making impression to her. 

·     Be aware about your get up 
·     Be very gentle and polite while speaking 
·     Maintain your honesty by respecting her 
·     Don’t be more physical rather try to maintain some physical distance 
·     Don’t be more expressive on the first meeting 
·     Don’t make more questions about her 
·    Try to make her feel how grateful you are by meeting her 

 Note: You may be wondering, Why it is so hard to impress a girl? Have you tried all of these options we mentioned above? Don’t give up rather have positive vibes with you all the time. if you are wondering ‘Why I cant impress a girl’? This does not mean your physical and intellectual weakness that you are having, rather it is a lack of self believe and self confidence you are having in your mind. Feel that a girl is searching a like partner like you so she will be happy to find you too. 

Good luck.

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