What are the signs of falling in love? 12 Subtle signs

What are the signs of falling in love? 12 Subtle signs

Are you confused whether you are in love or not? Do you want to know what are the signs of falling in love? In this article, we'll explore the complex and subtle signs that indicate the strong emotion.

If you frequently see your phone hoping for a message, you smile for no reason remembering that person, he/she is the first thing you think when you wake up, or if that person comes to your mind while reading this, then it can be the sign of falling in love.

Love is a universal emotion, feeling of strong affection and dedication to another. 

Falling in love is a transformative experience filled with profound emotions: that your thoughts regularly go to the person you love, you feel more excitement or joy of fantasy with that person, you want to spend your whole time together with that person or you feel safe when you are with that guy.


Even though you are a busy person, you arrange your schedule to meet the person whom you like, and you want to spend as much time as possible then that's love.

What are the signs of falling in love?

Here I have described 12 signs which you may feel while falling in love with someone.



1. The Initial Spark: Early Signs

In the initial stage, you may constantly think about the person whom you love and have daydreams. That special person comes in your sight every time.

It is such a powerful feeling that you can smile without any reason thinking about that person. This stage can be divided into two phases: 

i) Constant Thoughts and Daydreams

When love starts to bloom, it becomes nearly impossible to keep the person out of your mind. 

Your friend's image dances across your thoughts like a beautifully painted mural, filling your daydreams with romantic scenes.

ii) Butterflies in the Stomach

A fluttering sensation in the stomach is a classic sign that you are falling in love.

You can feel as if there are butterflies fluttering inside in a beautiful garden. It is such a powerful feeling which can be life changing.



2. Continual Thoughts of the Person

Having continual thoughts of the person is a good sign of falling in love. Congratulations friend. Always try your best to make your relationship stronger.

I every time think about you, either with my mind or from the core of my heartTerri Guillemets

The person we fall in love with seems to be everywhere. Their name pops up in conversations, in songs, or their face or gesture always comes on our mind.


You may feel shy when you are with that person. You may smile when you listen to your loved one’s voice.


Thoughts of our loved one invade our mind at the most unexpected moments also.

This may sound crazy but, from the moment I first saw you, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you even a single minuteLeigh Fallon


The question may arise, why am I thinking constantly about someone? Reasons for constantly thought of the person are as follows:

       You have found love in that person.

       You have an amazing chemistry.

       He/she has made a strong impression on you.

       You have strong feelings with that person.

       You dreamed about that person.

       That person is supportive and well-mannered.



3. Smile looking at you

If someone loves you, that person always smiles at you. It is a key tool to impress girls/boys. 

It is such a powerful thing which can win the heart of anybody and open the door to fall in love. Two things which smile does in love are as follows:

i)Smile Creates Connection

Smile is a symbol of positivity. We smile when we are happy. We smile only when we see beautiful things.

A smile to another person means you give a rose to him/her. And if your opponent also smiles at you, you can create a connection.

ii) Smiling Builds Confidence.

Smiling at you can be the sign of falling in love. Only a confident person can give a genuine smile.

If someone smiles genuinely, they can broadcast confidence and only a confident person can win the heart of anybody.



4. Intense Eye Contact and Body Language

Eyes are also known as the window to the soul. Attraction can be easily noticed through our eyes.


Intense eye contact with a smile may mean that person is interested in you.

Relationship expert Parisa Bady says that 

If anybody makes deep eye contact with you, or holds gazing for at least four seconds, that may indicate feelings of love.

Body language is also an important part of communication but non-verbal.

It can be facial expression, touch, eye contact, gestures, or tone of voice.

Intense eye contact and body language does two things which includes:

i) Mutual Attraction

When two souls get attracted, their eyes meet in a point and starts to dance.

Eye contact becomes an unspoken language that conveys deep emotions and a sense of intimacy.

ii) Nonverbal communication

Words can't stand in the way of love because our emotions may be powerfully expressed through our body language.

Body language signs can be smiling, mimicking each other, gentle and frequent touches, gazing into each other's eyes, or leaning toward each other which can convey more than a thousand words.



5. You feel the love

Aren’t you talking, or enjoying a chat ignoring your other co-workers? Are you enjoying having conversations with him/her? Is your heart filled with joy while being with that person?

Yes! If you are enjoying it, you are in love. But to make relationships stronger, your partner should also love you.

To know either your partner loves you or not you must acknowledge these things:

i) Listen you

This is one of the best idea to make good relationship with everyone. If your friend loves you, he/she will keep a deep interest to know about you. By asking questions they will listen to you actively. You will get a sense that your friend cares for you in every activity.

ii) Encourage you

Real partner always encourages you to do your best. They enjoy each other's company and make plans for the day ahead. 

Your partner always wants to show that you are courageous and bold. 

iii) Gives Respect

Relationships cannot be long lasting without respect. Partner, respecting you means he/she values you. 

If your partner shows politeness to you, uses considerate language even during arguments, doesn’t put any pressure on your decision, supports your choice even if he/she has a different opinion than that's love.



6. Eagerness to spend time together

If you want to spend more time with a single person, it's a sign of falling in love. Love often brings an unexplained sense of joy and contentment.


Individuals feel an overwhelming happiness and are eager to spend time together. Eagerness to spend time together refers to excitement about being together and making their relationship stronger.


They want to show affection and appreciation for one another. They also want to increase connection and intimacy in relationships by spending time together. 

Eagerness can be seen in different ways, such as:

i) Good Communication

Regularly having good communication is key in any relationship. Good couples always want to stay in touch and keep each other updated.

If you also make time for each other, sacrifice other activities, and have good communication then it's a clear sign of falling in love.

ii) Show affection

To make a good relationship you should show affection. An eager couple always shows affection towards each other.

It can be through physical touch, small gestures of kindness or compliments.

They are always excited about their future and make plans for their relationship.



7. Positive Emotional Changes

Falling in love normally starts when someone gets attracted to another person and starts to see him/her as special and unique.

Positive emotional changes can be from three corners which includes:

i) Feeling of Excitement

Falling in love fills our lives with overwhelming joy and intense excitement.

It's as if we're floating on a cloud, feelings of pleasure that being in love brings.

ii) Increase Empathy

Love fosters a deep connection with our own feelings and makes us more receptive to the feelings of others.

This understanding allows us to understand more deeply and connect with our partner’s experiences.

iii) A Sense of Security

Falling in love creates a sense of security and comfort thinking that someone cares deeply for me.

This thought can protect us from life's uncertainties and allow us to face challenges with renewed courage.



8. Physical Indicators

In most cases, we can identify whether someone is in love or not. When we talk with the person who is in love, their face starts to change or gets nervous.

Here are three signs of physical indicators which can be seen during falling in love. 

i) Face Flushes 

When we're in love, our face often changes to a rosy color as if love itself has left its mark on our cheeks. 

This flushed appearance is a result of an increased blood flow that indicates the rush of emotions.

ii) Sweaty Palms

If you have already fallen in love, maybe you have noticed your sweaty palms while meeting your partner.

 Palms that become moist and sweaty are a strange physical response to falling in love. 

As our body tries to regulate the surge of emotions, the nervous system responds which causes our palms to become clammy. 

iii) Rapid Heartbeat

Rapid heartbeat is a tangible expression of the intense emotions that come with falling in love. If your loved one is around you, your heart starts to race.

Even just thinking about that person makes our hearts beat faster, reflecting our excitement and anticipation.

Love is always calm and kind. It is never jealous, boastful, or conceited. Love cannot be rude or selfish. Love does not take any offense. Love doesn’t take any pleasure in other people’s sins. But love delights in the truth. Love is always ready to excuse, trust, hope, and to endure whatever comes Corinthians



9. Behavioral Changes

Of course, love can bring some behavioral change. During love people try to be more attentive, affectionate and sacrifice anything for their loved ones.


When we fall in love, we become very aware of our partner's needs and desires.

Partners' well-being will be our top priority and we do everything to ensure partners happiness and contentment.


Desire to spend more time together, and desire for physical intimacy can be the common signs of behavioral changes in love.

i) Desire to Spend More Time Together

Desire to spend time with the person we're falling in love with becomes top priority to everyone.

To deepen the connection, we want to share the feelings of each other. If your friend wants to be around you as much as possible, this could be a green signal of falling in love. 

ii) Desire for Physical Closeness

The desire for physical closeness becomes overwhelming.

The simple act of holding hands, hugging, or even just being physically close provides an indescribable warmth that words cannot describe.



10. You think about the Future Together

You not only think constantly about that person, but you also dream about your future together with that person.

Love doesn’t recognize any barriers. It jumps obstacles, leaps fences, infiltrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope and confidenceDr. Angelou

If you dream about a future with that person and smile, it can be a sign of falling in love. 

What are the signs of falling in love?

In this stage people normally do two things:

i) Make Plans

When the lovers deep down in their relationship they start to think about the future and start to plan. 

The person who thinks about the future and moves ahead learning from the past will have a happy mind happy life.

They start to weave dreams together, painting a picture of a life in their mind. Later this simple act of planning goes up to commitment and devotion.

ii) Share Goals and Ambition

When we fall in love, our goals and desires tend to align.

We embrace the idea of building a future together, both individually and as a united force, blending dreams and ambitions into a beautiful symphony.



11. Willingness to Compromise

If you are ready to compromise with that special person though you don’t like his/her behavior, thoughts or preferences that means you are in love.

Compromise is finding the middle ground between you two on how to go ahead, how to be united, how to make good relationships etc.

If you learn to compromise, you can make your wife happy if you are a husband. After we are ready to compromise, we start to prioritize relationships, and be willing to change at any cost, which are the signs of falling in love. 

i) Prioritize Relationship

Falling in love often means changing our priorities. Our focus shifts from personal pursuits to nurturing a harmonious relationship. 

We show our full willingness to compromise to ensure the overall well-being of the partnership.

ii) Be Willing to Change

Love has a transformative effect on our lives. We become more open to change, willing to leave our comfort zone and embrace new experiences.

The desire to grow together becomes a driving force to know either you are in love or not.



12. Changes in Sleep Patterns

Most of the people say aging makes it harder to sleep for a longer time but love also makes it harder to fall asleep.


If anybody is in love, they wake up frequently as well as earlier in the morning too. They will have changes in sleep pattern. They will have restless nights, dreaming about the loved one: 

i) Restless Nights

Falling in love can disrupt our sleep patterns. When we lay down on bed we start to think of our beloved swirling in our minds as we lay restless in the darkness.

We sleep but our mind goes on and on thinking about our partner.

ii) Dreaming about the Person

Love creates a space where emotional intimacy can flourish. Love ventures beyond the realm of reality, visiting us in vivid dreams.


In our sleep, we go to different adventures in our dreams with our loved ones.

We also sometimes speak in dreams with our loved ones which is a pure sign of falling in love.




Difference Between Love and Infatuation

It is important to differentiate between true love and fleeting infatuation for relationships to work. Although infatuation has almost similar signs to love, it lacks the depth and durability associated with a true emotional connection.


i) Differentiating Love from Lust

Distinguishing genuine emotional connection from purely physical desire is essential. 

Love encompasses a deeper emotional bond where lust is driven primarily by physical attraction.

Love and lust can overlap, although true love usually includes a physical component.

However, love goes beyond the physical, embracing emotional intimacy, trust, and long-term commitment between partners.


Justin Lehmiller defines that:

Infatuation is a state of overwhelming sexual and physical attraction from one person to another. Whereas love is a broader concept. It includes deeper emotional connection, and the partners usually desire to make their relationship last.


Love can be sometimes sexual whereas lust is always sexual. Love is emotionally driven, and it can be experienced with or without lust.


But infatuation is physically driven, and it can be experienced with or without love. So, friends it is not difficult to distinguish love or Infatuation. You can move on according to your desire.


ii) Dealing with temporary feelings

Temporary emotions can mimic love, so it's important to look for fleeting emotions and identify true, long-lasting connections.


Taking the time to evaluate the consistency and depth of feelings can help differentiate between love from temporary infatuation.


It is important to understand that love is not a constant state but a journey of emotional fluctuations.



Reflecting on the signs of falling in love reveals the beauty and complexity of human emotions.


Your mind gives space to one specific person. Whenever you see or talk with that person, a smile appears as your problems seem to disappear.


If you pretend to feel shy when you are with your partner, you smile for no reason while talking with him/her, you don't see any people around you while talking with your loved one then these are the clear signs of falling in love.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. How long does it take to fall in love?

The timeline for falling in love depends greatly on person to person. For some, it may occur swiftly, while for others, it may develop gradually over time. So, we cannot say the exact time, but we can say it varies from person to person.

B. Can you fall in love at first sight?

Yes, of course. It is possible to feel an intense connection at first sight, but it may take time to develop and deepen because love is a complex emotion, and experiences may differ between individuals.


C. Is falling in love different for everyone?

Absolutely yes! Falling in love is a unique and deeply personal experience. The signs and intensity of love may differ from person to person. Different people may perceive and express love in their own extraordinary ways.


D. When should I express my feelings to whom I love?

Expressing your feelings is a deeply personal decision. You can express your feelings in a calm and comfortable way at any time.


E. How can I differentiate between being infatuated and falling in love?

Infatuation often focuses on the physical aspects of a person, whereas love encompasses a deeper emotional connection. Time and self-reflection can help differentiate between the two.


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