What happens when you drink energy drinks?

Nowadays, energy drink is highly consumed by young generation. Generally, energy drink is a drink that provides instant energy. So, people consume energy drinks to get rid of stress, fatigue and tiredness and to increase energy in the body.

                                                                    Energy drinks in world market

The consumption of energy drinks is increasing day by day and it has been very common to youth who have always the cane of energy drinks in their hand. There are rare youth who do not drink energy drinks. They feel instantly recharged and fresh after they drink. Also, when they gather with some purpose, they first choose to start the conversation with energy drinks.

 Nutritionist KP Lamsal mentions that although the various energy drinks available in the market  and give energy for a while, they have a serious impact on health. And it is good not to drink energy drink. It is true that it gives some instant power which is circulate in body immediately. But it has serious effects about health.

 Because of the lack of awareness about the use and its effects with increasing use, it has become a situation where people have to become victims of fatal diseases.

 Lamsal says that energy drinks are called energy drinks because they make you feel refreshed when you are tired and bored. By consuming it, you feel as if you get energy immediately and you feel stronger and active.


Energy boosting drinks are made from a made up of caffeine, vitamin B, inositol, water, sugar, ginseng, zinc, taurine, guarana etc. We found that the procedure for such drinks are very high in caffeine and sugar.  Energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, Amp Energy, Rockstar, Nos are available in the world market.


Does energy drink boost your energy?

 Use of high sugar products gives immediate energy. Lamsal says that energy can also be gained by consuming such drinks. In addition to caffeine and taurine in energy drink helps activate the central nervous system. Because of this the consumer feels agile. Normally it is not good to artificially activate the nervous system.


Consumption of energy drinks affects different parts of the body. caffeine and taurine in our body helps activate the central nervous system. Lamsal says that various mental problems can occur when the nervous system is artificially activated in our body.


Drinks like energy drink are also very high in refined sugar. Thus, the amount of sugar in our body increased and diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure could occur. Because of the high amount of caffeine used in it, there is also the problem of not sleeping," says Lamsal. High consumption causes dehydration in our body.


France banned one of the popular energy drink Red Bull in 2004 after basketball player Rome Connie who was 18 years old, died after drinking 4 cans of Red Bull during the game.

Energy drinks contain normally 50-180 milligrams of caffeine. According to the World Health Organization, a healthy adult should not use more than 150 milligrams of caffeine per day. Looking this data, consumption of one bottle of energy drink per day can be fatal to us.


Consumption of such energy drink is not beneficial for health. Therefore, Lamsal says that it is better to avoid such drinks as it only harms our health.



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  1. Is this true. Now i will not drink energydrink. Thank you topnews for information.